July 4, 2017

Summer 2017 in Biarritz | 1st Week

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Summer is here in Biarritz and so are the first IP students! Freshly
arrived in the commonly known surfer’s paradiese, everyone is excited to spend their best summer ever! In this blog post you’ll find all the latest updates, including day summaries and pictures of the first week in Biarritz!


Day 1: Fête de Bienvenue

The season started with an awesome Welcome Party in Biarritz. We played some ice breaker games to get to know eachother.  Of course we introduced the annual IP Dance to the IP students. At first the dance was a little bit difficult to follow but in the end everyone had a ball!

Day 2: Day at the Beach

Today we went to Marinella Beach. The weather was perfect for a day at the beach. There, we played Volleyball, Pack Your Suitcase and a Role Play. And of course the highlight of the day, the surfing lessons started. In a nutshell the IP students really enjoyed their time at the beach and cannot wait to return.

Day 3: Dance, dance

During todays evening programm we moved our bodies to the rhythm of songs from all over the world.

We started off with bachata and salsa moves to warm up. It was really fun and after a few steps you get the hang of it. So it is very easy to learn.

After that we started to imitate famous dance positions while listening to the coresponding song and ended with a dance battle between two groups. Lastly, as the cherry on top, we danced the IP dance.

Day 4: Half day trip to…

Today was our first Half day Trip …drum roll… to Saint Jean de Luz. We have seen some really interesting sight seeing spots for example l’église Saint-Jean Baptiste. As you can see, everyone had a ball!

Day 5: Summer activities at the beach

Apart from swimming and surfing we also discovered many interesting things on the beach, for example sea shells in lots of different sizes and colours. In addition we tried ourselves at being creative by using sun cream as paint. What do you think?

Day 6: Hawaiian Party

Today the whole day was about Hawaii. The IP students started with preparations and decorations for the evening activity in the afternoon. While cutting and drawing palms, flamingos and hawaiian flowers we all listened to some chill out hawaiian music. With all the preparation done, we all started a wonderful hawaiian themed karaoke party in the evening. The evening flew by like a lightning!

Day 7: San Sebastian!

Hello everybody! Today we made a full day trip to San Sebastian. We had so much fun exploring this exciting spanish city. Check out our awesome group picture!

The others who did not join the trip also had an active afternoon programm. We went surfing!


Unbelievable that the first week is already over. The first students left us. But the saying goes where there is an end there is also always a new beginning. Et voilà, new wonderful students arrived during the weekend. We all look forward to the new week!