July 17, 2017

Summer 2017 in Biarritz | 3rd Week

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Hello again Biarritz! 🙂 After all our new experiences from the
previous two weeks, check out this blog post to see the latest media
files (picture and videos) and read interesting day summaries directly from this vivid town at the coast of France. In this post you’ll find everything from week 3, so keep yourself updated!

Day 1: Arrival of new students

Time flies by…we are already starting the third week. On the one hand that means a lot of new students are coming to our center! On the other hand, there are quite a lot of students who leave the center today after two weeks. So we are all looking forward to the next week with a smile in one eye and a tear in the other. But of course we also have students who stay for one more week and with those we visited Bordeaux today.

Day 2: City Tour with the new arrivals

Today we showed the wonderful city of Biarritz to our new arrivals. The main highlight of the city tour were the “Roche de la Vierge”, the “Palais” and the “Grande Plage”. Our students were very excited to discover the city for the first time.


Day 3: Event: Demonstration of the Basque strength

This evening we watched a show demonstrating the basque strength. It was really mesmerizing. This event has a historic background. Back in time there were many farmers living in the basque country who had to do tough chores on a daily basis like lifting up 80 kg of corn to store it away, chopping wood or pull a cart. These chores are preseverd until today by being organized as a sport.

Day 4: Lipdup!

Today is the day of the LIPDUP. It’s a big project which all of the IP Centers participate in. Each center has to prepare a small part for it. Here are some sneak previews:

Day 5: Fontarabia

Today was a trip day again, this time, we did an excursions to Fontarabia which is a lovely, vivid city at the coast of the Atlantic ocean. Everyone enjoyed the good weather and had fun discovering this exciting city.

Day 6: Trip to Pau

Today many students are leaving us. So sad! We had such great students the past weeks. For the ones who stayed we planned a trip to Pau. The city is about 1,5 hours from Biarritz and the students enjoyed it a lot. With its historic castles and other landmarks it gave off a medieval feeling to our students.
In the meantime, new IP students arrived and they were very excited getting to know the other students later and of course the beautiful town of Biarritz.