July 25, 2017

Summer 2017 in Biarritz | 4th Week

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IP Summer Season 2017 in Biarritz! The fourth week has arrived,
can you believe it? Time really flies!:) After all our new experiences from the previous two weeks, check out this blog post to see the latest media files (picture and videos) and read interesting day summaries directly from this vivid town at the coast of France. In this post you’ll find everything from week 4, so keep yourself updated!

Day 1: Sunday Funday with the new arrivals!

Hello everybody! Today we went on a town walk with the new arrivals and they loved the city, it was indeed a lovely sunny day! In the evening, we also had a lot of fun with the Music Quiz, where all our students showed all their knowledge about music. Batteries are fully charged for the week!!!


Day 2: Active day

Today we did such cool activities. The day started with our lovely surfers who conquered the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. The other students let out their creativity during an art workshop or learned new cool moves in a Zumba dance class. In the evening we went to watch a Basque festival where they presented their traditions for example folk dance and food.


Day 3: Sports and BBQ

Today we played Volleyball and Football at our beautiful lake Mouriscot. It was a very active afternoon for all of us. So we decided for the evening to do a Marshmallow BBQ at the lake to let the evening end in a relaxed way.


Day 4: IP’s got talent

Today we had our second edition of IP’s got talent and it was another great success! Despite the fact that we only had two main performances, we played a lot of mini games such as rock, paper, scissors; chubby bunny; mini competitions of plank and push-ups, and water pong! Our students definitely had a good time and we got to see again, how many talented IP students there are!


Day 5: Departure time..

It is departure time again. Most of our IP students are leaving us this weekend. However, we have the largest arrival numbers since the first week. YAY!
We showed the new arrivals our beautiful city, for example the fishing harbour or the Great Beach of Biarritz. How can you not love this city? With the students that stayed we visited the equally stunning city San Sebastian which is like the Spanish Biarritz.


Day 6: Selfi ralley

Today we organized a selfie ralley through Biarritz. The task for our students was to find funny places to take a picture with themselves in it. For example “do your prettiest face”, “take a picture with people with different nationalities” or a “picture with the IP logo”.

Here are some sneak peaks: