August 3, 2017

Summer 2017 in Biarritz | 5th Week

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We are in the fifth week of our IP Summer Season 2017 in Biarritz!
Can you believe it? Time really flies when you’re having fun!:) Check out this blog post to see the latest media files and interesting day summaries directly from our center in this vivid town at the French coast. In this post you’ll find everything from week 5, so keep yourself updated!


Day 1: Monday – Workout day

After doing a lot of learning and sitting in the morning, we did a workout today. At the huge lake which is so close to our center, we first did a quick warm up and then we went for a run around the lake. Everyone was exhausted afterwards but it was definitely worth it!


Day 2: Tuesday – Beach day

Today we went to Marniella Beach to play volleyball and so some surfing. The weather was just great for those kinds of sports; the sun was hidden behind the clouds but it was still really warm. The other students who preferred a less active day, did some awesome body painting. Check it out:


Day 3: Wednesday – Trip day

Today we went on a half day trip to Ciboure. Ciboure is a picturesque town just five minutes away from San Jean de Luz and 30 Minutes from Biarritz. It is known for its beautiful beach and its wonderful azur blue ocean. The students really enjoyed exploring this beautiful little town.


Day 4: Thursday – Creativity rules!

Today we let our creative side out. We drew cute teddy bears or cool 3D illusions. The other students decided to be active by joining our lovely ZUMBA Dance Workshop. In the evening we did a marshmallow barbecue at the lake Mouriscout near the Youth Hostel. So yummy! 🙂


Day 5: Friday – Time to relax

Today was a day to relax but also to enjoy several cool workshops we prepared. In the evening our students were pretty wrecked and happy to go to bed to have a fresh start in the morning. Excited what the next day brings? You should be!

Day 6: Saturday – Trip day the 2nd

Today we went on a trip to the lovely and stunning city Bordeaux. Due to the neo-classic buildings Bordeaux gave off a charm that our students especially liked. It has several cultural monuments to offer such as the miroir de l’eau, Porte Caillhou and the cathedral. In addition, there were different music and dance performances alongside the river. It was such a great day!


Day 7: Sunday – Karaoke!

Today we´ve had a great time singing and enjoying all the other talents during karaoke! Our students were singing and dancing to all different kinds of music, so much fun!