June 26, 2017

Summer 2017 in Bournemouth | 1st Week

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The IP summer season has finally started! A summer full of energy, new experiences, language learning and many new friends lay ahead of us. Bournemouth, our biggest language school in England, is the first IP destination that opens its gates for pupils from all over the world! In this blog post you’ll find the most current pictures, videos and summaries directly from Bournemouth…

Day 1

IP summer season 2017 in Bournemouth has started and our first students arrived today!

Day 2

Today the weather was on our side so we went outside and had a lot of fun in Boscombe Gardens while playing different kind of sport games..

Day 3

Today the students the students explored Bournemouth in small groups together. In the evening we had an awesome event where we built team that hat do fulfill 30 funny tasks as fast as possible. Some impressions of the day follow below. 🙂

Day 4

Our lovely Estonian group went to Portsmouth today and they had a blast despite the weather. The other IP students did some arts and crafts in Bournemouth at had a great evening at our “Just Dance” event.

Day 5

Since it was really rainy day we decided to chill in the school building and to create some awesome henna tattoos. In the evening we had a Quiz night and everyone loved it!

Day 6

Today we visited the Jurassic Coast together! And even though the weather wasn’t perfect it was a perfect day for us: Beautiful views and Marshmallow BBQ gave us all good memories.