July 4, 2017

Summer 2017 in Bournemouth | 2nd Week

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Bournemouth is already going into the 2nd week of the summer season 2017. After many exciting experiences we made in the first week, here come the impressions from week 2. Have fun with the most current pictures, videos and summaries directly from Bournemouth! 🙂

Day 1

Saturday was a busy day! We’ve not only had great workshops and activities planned for our lovely students who stayed in Bournemouth, but also visited the capital of the UK with some of our students! And what a beautiful weather we had! What is better than visiting London? – That’s right, visiting a sunny London! 😛

Day 2

We are happy that so many students decided to join us on our London overnight trip. What a lovely group picture of all the students who visited London in front of the Buckingham Palace. It was even sunny!

Day 3

On Monday we did not only have a great beach workout, but also baked some delicious cupcakes with our students. They looked more than great. Everyone had an awesome evening. Scavenger hunts are for everyone! Divided into groups of around ten students and one supervisor, we went to different parts of Bournemouth and had hilarious tasks to master. Who would have guessed that over eight kids would fit into a telephone box? Or how funny it could be to walk like a penguine and to sing ‘happy birthday’ to a stranger? 🙂

Day 4

Today we were not only a lot of students that went to discover the great town of Southampton, but we also had an awesome football tournament at the beach. The evening was even better! Ever played Blackjack, Poker, Bingo or bet on a horse?


Day 5

Wednesday was a great day – we have had some creative and active workshops, such as beach volleyball at Bournemouth’s beautiful beach. Some girls were able to design their own t-shirts in our common room. Look at these great designs!


Day 6

Wow – Thursday was busy. Not only did some of our students go on a halfday trip to Winchester but we also had amazing weather. So it was kind of a must do to have some fun at the beach! Winchester is amazing – but with awesome students and the right weather it was even more perfect! Unfortunately we did not have anyone who wanted to attend our workshop ‘Origami’ – so we went to the beach! What a great afternoon – perfect conditions for a beachday!

In the evening it was Party time! We offered a safe party environment to all of our students at the disco ‘Cameo’.


Day 7

Friday we had reasons to cry but also to cheer. Many students left and many more arrived. We are now having students from all over the world! It is great to see students from, for example, Russia getting along with students from Italy – and improving their english doing so.