July 27, 2017

Summer 2017 in Bournemouth | 5th Week

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The 5th week of the IP summer season 2017 in Bournemouth has
arrived! Time flies! As usual, in this blog post, you’ll find everything of interest directly from our center. See funny pictures, read interesting day summaries and see videos of our trips and activities. Keep yourself updated about our time in this lovely british city.

Day 1: New Arrivals!

On Saturdays our campus looks like a scene from fast and furious. Students are arriving and departing, they are going on trips and some of them are staying on our beautiful campus. Those students who were spending a weekend in London went on a unique journey driving through the city in a party bus.


Day 2: Trip day!

On Sunday we had a trip to Brighton with one group of students and a trip to London with others. The weather was not the best, but it didn’t matter for our students. Everyone absolutely enjoyed the atmosphere of both cities.


Day 3: Beach day

On Monday we had a relaxing day on the beach. We had marshmallows and music and everyone just enjoyed themselves. What a great day!


Day 4: Trip day!

Jurassic coast showed its best again, today. The sun was shining and the beach was absolutely lovely. Durdle door is such a highlight, everyone needs to see.


Day 5: International Party

Today was the best day we have seen in our Bournemouth centre so far. We had an international party and all our IP students were so excited and did a wonderful job. The students prepared and presented traditional things from their home country. They also had a presentation about their countries and we saw a lot of singing, dancing and traditional outfits. This evening was just mind blowing.


Day 6:  Salisbury

Thursday we had a trip to peaceful Salisbury. Salisbury Cathedral is just gorgeous. The IP students who didn’t join the trip stayed in Bournemouth and we decided to dance. Overall it was a really fun day!

Day 7: New arrivals

Saturday means new arrivals! Hurray! Our trip to London was once again filld with fun. In Bournemouth we had a milkshake workshop and we created some new delicious drinks. Check out our picture of the day!