July 2, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 1st Week

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After days and days of preparations the very first student have arrived in Exeter! We’re so excited regarding the new season! It’s just the beginning but we are sure that it’ll be a lot of fun. Click here to see the latest videos, summaries and pictures from the summer season 2017 in Exeter…


Day 1: We are open!

Finally! After the students had arrived we took a quick town walk through Exeter, had a small introduction and an absolutely awesome movie night! We can’t wait for the next activities.

Day 2: Sunday – Fun Day!

It’s Sunday, which means: no school! For the IP supervisors prepared amazing activities. One of them was a relaxation workshop, which was very useful for students that were tired because of their long journey to the UK. And since the weather was perfect, we also played frisbee!

Day 3: Welcome Party!

We’re finally all together! 133 students at Exeter campus! Today IP supervisor Paul organized a non-alcoholic cocktail workship, which was really funny. We created a lot of different cocktails like the Sunny Drink or the Havanna Cocktail and decorated them as well of course. And in the evening we had our big welcome party…

Day 4: Action Day

That was the craziest day ever! We did a trip to Torquay, organized a photo rallye, played football together and we even did some Mandalas! In the evening we came together for an awesome quiz night. I think, the IP supervisors did a great job. 😉

Day 5: Lipdub Time in Exeter!

Lipdub combines lip synching and audio dubbing to create a music video. Our students voted for a song that they wanted to play during the Lipdub. They chose Madcon – Don’t worry. Later that night our students went to the pool party which was so much fun!

Day 6: Half Day Trip to Exmouth

Today we had our half day trip to Exmouth. The weather was so hot and sunny – perfect to take a walk at the beach! We had amazing views in Exmouth and took some great pictures as you can see. In the evening, we organized a lightning tournament which was a lot of fun. We can’t wait for other activities that are coming!

Day 7: Neon Party

It’s Friday! Which means: Party, party, party! In the afternoon our students played football against the IP supervisors and the students destroyed them! 😛 Later on, the supervisors prepared a huge party. The theme of it was “Neon”, everything was so colourful!