July 13, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 2nd Week

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IP summer season 2017 in Exeter! Let’s discover this crazy, vivid city together! In our blog you’ll find everything of interest directly from Exeter: See funny pictures, read interesting day summaries and see videos of our trips and activities. In this post we have collected everything from week 2 for you…

Day 1: First Departures

The day has come! Today we had our first departures of the summer season 2017. The first heartbroken students, the first tears! In the evening we decided to do a movie night, relax a little bit and recover for the following week. We watched “Minions 2”, ate popcorn and drank some nice juices. We can definitely say that this was a nice evening.

Day 2: Twin Party

Oooh, it’s Monday again and we decided to have a huge twin party in Exeter! Before the party took place, we organized an awesome football tournament in the afternoon and created friendship bracelets in a workshop…

Day 3: Just Dance

On Tuesday it was raining the whole day, but don’t worry! The IP supervisors always know what to do! In the afternoon we were dancing indoor during a crazy “Just Dance” workshop. We also had a beauty workshop, where we put some makeup on, painted our nails, etc. For the evening we decided to prepare a karaoke night! We had so much fun, it was simply hilarious!

Day 4: Flashmob!

We decided that today would be the perfect day to organise a flashmob in our centre. We practiced the IP Dance 2017 on the campus and went to the city afterwards to find a nice place for the flashmob. When we started, the people around us were super surprised and some of them even joined us. Later in the evening we went to the pool and played some funny pool games. What an awesome day!

Day 5: IP’s Got Talent!

Thursday! We all know that everyone has a special talent, the IP Family is trying to discover all of them. That is why almost every week we are trying to organise IP’s Got Talent! I can tell our Exeter Family is the best! On Thursday we went to Dartmoor as well, we had a Pilates Workshop and a Mexican evening! Want to see some pictures?


Day 6: FriYay!

It’s finally Friday! I think everyone was waiting for Friday! Today, we did a Henna Tattoo workshop where we discovered some very talented students! The whole IP Family has a tattoo now. For our afternoon activity, we played volleyball. For the evening event we had a Bad Taste party, quick explanation: You have to wear the ugliest clothes you have. Sounds like fun, right? 🙂