July 24, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 4th Week

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The fourth week of the IP summer season 2017 in Exeter has just
started! After lots of new experiences, impressions and friends we made in the previous weeks, we are excited for what is coming next! Enjoy the most current media files and daily summaries directly from our center in Exeter, so you know exactly what’s going on 🙂


Day 1: Departures and Welcomes

Every Saturday is a mixture of sadness and happiness. The first one because of our departures, it is always hard to say goodbye. But on the other hand we are having new arrivals, new amazing students spending a great time with us. On Saturday we did a town walk, some sport games and for the evening we prepared a movie night.

Day 2: Sunday – Just Dance and Beat the IP staff

Today we were still thinking and talking about our trip to London, it was fantastic! After assembly we started activities that our super motivated supervisors prepared for us. ‘Just Dance’ was one of them. Later in the evening we played Beat The IP Staff. It was so much fun, of course the supervisors lost the game but come one, IP students are the best! 🙂

Day 3: Monday..school again!

It is Monday.. school again! Yei! We were all walking to school together, we are talking, sometimes dancing during the walk, it was really entertaining. In the afternoon we had Apple Rally and football competition, we were having such a good time doing it. For the evening Paula and  the other supervisors prepared a scary hunted house in our Ocean!

Day 4: International Day

On Tuesday after lunch we went on a trip to Lyme Regis. This place is just beautiful. The views are amazing, you should visit it. For the evening we had an International Party. Right now on our Campus we have people from Germany, Spain, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and more. As you can imagine it was very International!


Day 5: Flashmob!

Today we prepared a flashmob on our campus. Exeter University, the place where we are staying is huge and a lot of people are living here, so imagine 100 IP students doing a flashmob on the street, people were amazed! They were taking pictures, videos, it was so funny because they even tried to join us. And for the evening we went to a Pool Party and afterwards we had Karaoke night.

Day 6: IP’s got Talent!

Every week our Students are making us proud and we feel so happy to be here with them! Today we created our own cactus and we had a trip to Dartmoor. Dartmoor was beautiful as always. During the evening we had IP’s got Talent and as every week our Students showed some incredible talents!

Day 7: Farewell Party!

It’s Friday, Friday! Everyone is preparing for the weekend but this one is special because almost 180 Students are going home. It’s sad that after 2 amazing weeks we have to say goodbye. We decided to do the biggest party during the whole Summer Season! The theme was NEON PARTY! We had face painting, neon bracelets and many other things! It was GREAT!