August 2, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 5th Week

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It is already the 5th of the IP summer season in Exeter! For some
students that means goodbye, but for others it means hello. In this post we have collected everything from week 5 for you, so check it out! Keep yourself updated about the latest media files and daily summaries directly from our center.


Day 1:  Saturday – It´s time to say goodbye…

The campus is so quiet. In the morning we had some very emotional departures. Supervisors, students, everyone was crying but we promised that we will see each other next year again. Later on we welcomed a whole new group of amazing and very funny students. We can not wait for this week. For the ones, staying over the weekend, we had a trip to Bath – definitely the favourite of all – students and adults. Everyone, who stayed on campus in the morning had two options: to be more active and do campus sports or enjoy the massage and relaxation workshop. In the evening – as every Saturday – we had a movie night, so that our students could gather their strengths for the next day and be ready for the activities. One of the movies was Grown ups 2, and the younger students watched Zootopia. It was a calm and relaxing evening.



Day 2: Sunday – It is time to get to know each other

Today we started to get to know each other better. During the day we had our first TTT’s and we played a lot of ice breaking games. Our evening event was about learning names and getting to know each other. We had so much fun playing ‘Friendship Circle’, ‘Splash’ and other games. It was a good day, and we are wait for our lessons to start on Monday. I think that we will have a good week together!

Day 3: Monday – dancing, singing and having fun!

It was a day full of funny moments! In the morning we all went together to the school, we were singing and joking on the way up. Later on, after lunch we started afternoon activities. We went to the town, we played this funny game called Theque, you should try! We also had IP’s got Talent preparation, we prepared some dances and songs for tomorrow. For the evening event we had a Quiz night! It is always good to play some quiz, I love them so much! Monday was very cool, let’s see what Tuesday is having for us!

Day 4: Tuesday – Trip day!

After couple of rainy days we finally had beautiful Sunny weather! Today we went to Torquey for a half day trip. This town is incredible. Views are breathtaking. After a little tour around the town we had free time and went to eat some desserts, it was great! We came back to our lovely campus just in time for dinner. For the evening event we had I’P’s got talent again. I was amazed by some of the performances. I can not wait for tomorrow and more activities!

Day 5: Wednesday – rain? – doesn’t bother us

Today it was time to get ready for the Flashmob!! We created some signs for the activities for our trip to Exmouth and we practised a lot for the Photo Rally to take the best pictures ever!!!The rain and the wind didn´t let us going to the pool, but that was not a problem!! Everyone had fun inside our central block, playing at the pool table, playing just dance , Monopoly or just chilling out! Our Masterchef group cooked really nice desserts for us at the workshop.

Day 6: Thursday – Trip to Exmouth

We all went to Exmouth!! We were so excited. We knew all of the dances, we had our signs and we were all ready! After lunch we went all together to Exmouth for a huge Flashmob that all of the 3 Devon centres (Teignmouth, Exmouth, Exeter) prepared. We met at the beach, it was incredible when all of the 200 students started to dance. Random people were taking pictures and cheering us! After that we went to our afternoon activity and now wait for the best.. for the evening we all had a huge party with other centres. I wish we could do this every week!

Day 7: Friday –  its time to say goodbye…

Time to say goodbye, but also to have fun at IP Hogwarts! Everyone belongs to a house and also we do! During the lunch time the Sorting Hat choose which was our house and we had a wonderful meal with our colleagues! And there´s no Hogwarts without Quidditch or magic wands so while some of us were playing at the Sports Hall others were preparing everything for the party and creating their own wands! The evening was sooo funny! We had the last TTT for some of us, a Harry Potter sketch from our supervisors, party music, dances and even a video with all the pictures from the last week!