August 8, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 6th Week

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The 6th week of our IP summer adventure in Exeter! Time goes by so quickly…The students have experienced a lot during the last couple of weeks. As usual, in this blog post, you’ll find everything of interest directly from our center. So keep yourself updated!


Day 1: Saturday – new arrivals

Saturdays are full of new faces and we always love that! After our departures, a new group of students arrived and we had a relaxing program planned for them! We took them on a campus walk, we played some sports and we had our traditional saturday movie night! We watched ‘After Earth’, it was very interesting.

Day 2: Sunday – red coats

Today was time for the swimming pool! We couldn´t swim on Wednesday because of the rain, but today the weather was really good. Is there anything better than the red coats to introduce Exeter to our new students? That’s why we did the tour with them. During the evening our supervisors had a picnic with their TTT groups and it was really really funny! They had enough time to bond with their new TTT groups.


Day 3: Monday – Hawaiian party

Monday means not only a new day but also a new week! New students, new staff members, new beginning… so time for a NEW PARTY to welcome them! Today everything was dedicated to our Hawaiian party so we organized a really nice workshop where our students could create their own cocktails which we handed out during the party. We also played some basketball which the rain couldn´t stop us from thanks to our new Indoor Sports Hall! It was great!
The party was a full success, the highlight of the evening was clearly the LIMBO dance! 🙂


Day 4: Tuesday – Trip day

On Tuesday we went on a half day trip to Totnes, which was really nice, the town is small but very cosy. For our IP Students that stayed on campus we prepared a volleyball tournament and a photo frame workshop. Exeter’s students are the best, our photo frames look amazing!
For the evening we played a really scary game… Mistery Murder! We had so much fun, we felt like Sherlock Holmes and his friend. By the end of the game we found out who murdered the innocent children. Everyone wanted to play it again.


Day 5: Wednesday – LIBDUP

Today we were thinking of a nice way to show our centre to other students so… WE CAME UP WITH A LIPDUB! “Don´t stop me now” by Queen was the best song to describe how we are feeling this week 🙂 We had so much fun! We also played Quidditch and Just Dance once we finished the lipdub! The weather was nice to us today so we could go and enjoy our Pool Games! But not only that, we also had a really challenging Scavenger Hunt going on at the campus.

Day 6: Thursday – Star Wars vs. Harry Potter

Thursday… TRIP DAY! We had a nice afternoon in Dartmoor which was combined with Zagamore (Star Wars vs. Harry Potter) and the preparations for today´s IP´s Got Talent! We played Zagamore for the first time so in the beginning it was a little bit difficult but later on we had so much fun! And oh my Gosh! This weeks IP’s got Talent was great! We had so many talented students, you will not belive! They are simply the best!

Day 7: Friday – farewell party

Fridays are always the best day of the week and this one was not going to be different! We finally had a football tournament which our kids were waiting for! It was so great, because it was like a real match: teams, warm-up… We also had an henna tattoo workshop to take a memory/souvenir from Exeter back home. And of course, we had a farewell party with hero theme.