July 4, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 1st Week

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Hohensolms, here we come! Ever felt like a knight or a real lady? In this blog post you will get some first impressions of our time in a real German medieval hill castle. Read short day summaries and take a look at the most current pictures and videos directly from Hohensolms. Let’s see how the IP students started their first week in the castle.. 🙂

Day 1: Welcome day

The summer season has started and we are so happy to meet all our new students who arrived today. In a lovely evening the IP staff has welcomed the new arrivals with music and ice breaker games.

Day 2: Lessons start

It’s the first day the IP students had lessons in Hohensolms.  We had the placement test in the morning and everyone enjoyed fun lessons with our amazing teachers.  We did the famous Castle Rallye after lunch and the IP students discovered so much of the place they live.

Time to use our smart brains in the evening as we organized a quiz night.  While enjoying snacks, everyone had a lot of fun competing against each other with their knowledge!

Day 3:  Free the dragon!

Rise and Shine! We had an exciting kick before the lessons.  After classes and having lunch, we traveled back to medieval and challenged wizards and witches to free the dragon!!! (Dragon IPPY guards this castle.)  We ended the night with Karaoke and discovered a lot of amazing singers and rappers in our camp 🙂

Day 4:  Half day trip to Marburg

Day 4 started with a jumping kick, then we had lessons in the morning.  After lunch, everyone jumped on a coach and we headed to Marburg.  We traveled from the city center to the old city through elevator. After climbing a looot of stairs, we finally reached the castle where we could enjoy a beautiful city view. Highlight of the day: Ice-cream during free time. After that we got back to our own castle and had a wonderful movie night with watching “Paul Blart: Mall Cop”.

Day 5:  Half day trip to Marburg

Today, the lessons started as usual in the morning but we had exciting activities after lunch and dinner. We continued the medieval games. After another five challenges, the IP students finally saved dragon IPPY. (YAY!)  After dinner, we had the bonfire that all students longed for. Everyone enjoyed marshmallows and their free time on the playground while listening to pop songs and playing games. All of us enjoyed a relaxed evening and good times with new friends.

Day 6: The last full day of week 1

Today is the last full day for our first week, some students are leaving tomorrow so we decided to give them the chance to show their talents. As usual, we had lessons in the morning and then it was time for the certificate-giving ceremony during assembly. The students had the afternoon to prepare for their talent show later that night, those who were not performing joined our decorating team.

During the talent show we had piano performances, group dancing, Rubix cube solving, short film premieres and so much more…..

Here are the photos and our winners!

Day 7: Time to say goodbye

Time flies! The first week in Hohensolms ended with a lot of emotional goodbyes. Most of our students were gone and the remaining ones started their full day trip to Mainz in the morning. They visited Mainz Cathedral, Gutenberg and Rhein river, then they had their own shopping time in the city. After an amazing day spent in Mainz, we came back to the castle and had a table-tennis tournament, let’s see who won!