July 10, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 2nd Week

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And here comes the second week of the summer season 2017
in Hohensolms! After lots of new experiences, impressions and friends we made in the first week, let’s see what week 2 brings…Enjoy the most current pictures, videos and daily summaries directly from our center in Hohensolms!


Day 1: Trip day!

Sleeping in a castle with less than 20 people, we started refreshed in a new day. 8 of our students went to Frankfurt for their full day trip. The rest of us had a village walk and relaxed on our sports field with the beautiful view of Hohensolms.

A big Welcome all the new students! We will have so many exciting activities this week, let’s start with our welcome meeting and the icebreaker games.

We all had an eventful day and are ready to spend the first night in our medieval castle.


Day 2: It’s been an active day…

All the newcomers spent their first night in our castle, so today everybody is ready for the placement test. Afterwards the IP students enjoyed their first lessons with our great teachers and after lunch, we had a photo scavenger hunt. Here are some of the best photos, check it out:

In the evening, we played ‘beat the team’. We divided the students into 6 groups and they challenged each other in different games. As you can see it was a lot of fun!


Day 3: Pool Day!

Pool Day was finally here (YAY!!!), although we still had lessons in the morning. After lunch, everyone packed their bags and then headed to the pool. Actually, we had quite a lot of good swimmers in our castle, everyone was having a great time. During movie night, we watched “Night at the Museum”, seemed like it was a great movie choice for everyone to laugh and relax.


Day 4: Half Day trip to Wetzlar

It’s been raining here in Hohensolms so we had our kick in the ocean.  After the lessons in the morning, we headed to Wetzlar for our half day trip. All of us had a walk in the old town, visited Wetzlar Cathedral and did some shopping in the biggest mall in town. Fortunately, the rain came when we were at the mall so the weather did not affect us at all. With full shopping bags in our arms, we went back to the castle.

For the evening, we had quiz night.  The students were divided into 6 groups and competed against each other. Let’s see who built the highest tower here!


Day 5: Saving Unicorn Ippy!

Wake up everyone! It’s a bit chilly here in Hohensolms today but we had a fantastic kick to warm us up. In the afternoon we had Medieval Game, this time, Unicorn Ippy was waiting for rescue. Finishing all the hard challenges, we saved Ippy eventually. After all the hard work, we sat by the fire and enjoyed the marshmallow on this chilly evening in our castle and celebrated the victory of beating whoever locked our poor Ippy.


Day 6: IP’s Got Talent!

IP’s Got Talent! Today was the last day of our language lessons, so we decided to celebrate a week of hard work with a certificate-giving ceremony. In the afternoon, everyone was busy with preparing their performances. We could not wait to see!


Day 7: The last day has arrived…

Saturday means we need to say goodbye to some of our students. We had a trip with those who stayed behind and those who just arrived from Beijing, so in total we had a big group heading to Koblenz. We visited Deutsches Eck and Electoral Palace. What a beautiful town Koblenz is, especially the old town. Of course, last but not least, we did some shopping 🙂
Everyone was tired when they were back so we decided to have an animated movie night, watching ‘Inside Out’.