July 17, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 3rd Week

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Check out what’s happening in the third week of the summer season
2017 in Hohensolms! After lots of new friends, experiences and impressions from the previous weeks, we are excited for what is coming now. In this blog post, you’ll find all the latest updates, including day summaries, pictures and videos of our time in the castle.

Day 1: New arrivals and Cologne trip!

Week 3 starts today and we are super excited. Our lovely Bejing group started their full day trip to Cologne this morning. We hopped off near Cologne Cathedral, then went to the Alter Markt. Everyone enjoyed some free time in the old town, then we went back to the central station and shopped. Everyone was happy but so tired at the end.
Welcome all the new arrivals!  We had prepared a welcome meeting and icebreaker games for everyone. We are so looking forward to this new week and to meeting new international friends.


Day 2: Placement Test and Pool Day!

Monday means placement test day, we had a big group today and everyone could not wait to be in lessons with our enthusiastic teachers.  After the very first lesson here in the castle, we headed to the pool to chill and relax.  What a lovely day for us to enjoy the pool and volleyball.
In the evening, we had an exciting quiz night. With all the challenging questions, the IP students managed to solve most of them. Our staff members were amazed. Good job!


Day 3: LIPDUP!

We had the first session of our unique medieval games today!  Everyone had a chance to become knights and princesses in our castle. They got the map but they didn’t get the keys, so wait and see. Excitements continued in the evening, when we had our lip dub in the evening. We had 6 leading actresses to do this crazy and amazing lip dub. We managed to get the final video in 4 shots. We did an extra one covering ‘Despacito’ on our playground, what a party!


Day 4: Marburg!

Half day trip to Marburg! We had lessons as usual in the morning. Then we were going to Marburg this week and we started our trip with an elevator ride to the hill where the castle is situated. We visited the Marburger Schloss, Lutherische Pfarrkirche St. Marien and St. Elizabeth Church. We even had some shopping time in the old town. After we went back to the castle, we had a relaxing movie night watching ‘The Croods’.  An animated movie always fits everyone’s taste.


Day 5: Medieval Games Part II

All students had some interactive lessons with our teachers this morning. Then we traveled back to medieval again in the afternoon to continue to save the dragon. After another 5 tasks, dragon IPPY was finally freed. In return of their hard work, we had prepared a bonfire night for our IP students. They all enjoyed marshmallow and the sports with their friends. What a great day for everyone!

Day 6: Last day for some of our IP students…

Today was the last full day for most of our IP students. They had the last language lessons and got their certificates during the assembly. Then we had a very busy afternoon because some of our students had to prepare their performances and the others decorated the rainbow hall. Finally it was show time! We had a great variety of performances tonight. Let’s see below what kind of talents we had here in the castle.

Day 7: Another Goodbye..

Another week had gone by and we needed to say goodbye to most of our students.  Before farewell, we had prepared a full day trip to Frankfurt for the group from Beijing and those who stayed behind. We visited Frankfurt Cathedral, Main Tower and the city center. We enjoyed the amazing view of Frankfurt. Then of course we arranged some souvenir shopping time for those who had to leave. After we headed back to the castle, we watched ‘The Simpsons Movie’ and had a relaxed evening.