July 25, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 4th Week

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Check out what’s happening in the fourth week of the summer
season 2017 in Hohensolms! After lots of new friends, experiences and impressions from the previous weeks, we are excited for what is coming next. Keep yourself updated with the latest updates, including day summaries, pictures and videos of our time in the castle. In this blog post you will find everything from week 4.

Day 1: Welcome day!

Today we welcomed our newcomers! After a stormy night in the castle, we welcomed all the new students with a sunny afternoon. We had prepared a crafting workshop and sports on the playground. The parents said goodbye after the castle tour and the IP students started to make new friends. Later they attended the welcome meeting and had their first TTT with our staff. Of course, we also played some icebreaker games for everyone to get to know each others. Let’s see how it went!

Day 2: Placement test!

Did everyone have a good night? Good, because we had our placement test this morning. We put all the students in the suitable classes and they enjoyed their first lesson with our amazing teachers. After a delicious lunch, we had prepared a photo scavenger hunt for everybody to discover our castle. We got some funny pictures of our students. In the evening, a competitive quiz night was under way. ‘Who can build the highest tower?’ ‘Who knows this song?’


Day 3: Medieval Games

It’s a rainy day in Hohensolms but we managed to start the day with a medieval ‘rock, paper, scissors’ in the ocean. After lunch, it was our first session of this week’s Medieval Games. We needed brave knights and fearless princesses to save Dragon Ippy and luckily we had a lot of them here in the castle. They finally found the map of where Ippy was locked yet they still have to find the keys. We’ll keep you posted… 🙂
Later that evening, we recorded our own medieval version of the Mannequin Challenge in our beautiful staircase. We even did one more in our Ocean to continue our medieval party tonight. We all had an amazing evening, followed by an eventful night-check with decorated rooms and performances for the rooms competition.


Day 4: Excursion to Limburg

Fortunately, it stopped raining this morning so we decided to have the kick in the yard! Then our students had their usual language lessons with our great teachers. After lunch, it was finally time for something we were all waiting for – the excursion to Limburg.  We headed to the Dom first and then we had an old town walk before we shopped in the biggest mall in the city. Everyone could not wait to get their ice-cream. After the crazy time in Limburg, we went back to the castle and had a movie night just to relax.


Day 5: Medieval Games part 2

After a competitive night check last night, everyone was ready for the new day. We had lessons in the morning and a proper and long lunch because something very important was coming…The second part of Medieval Games was here and this was the last chance for all the knights and princesses to save poor dragon Ippy! Everyone had to learn archery from Matthias and had to do another 4 tasks to collect all the keys and free Ippy! Eventually, our students could find Ippy on the second floor in the castle and everyone had their treasure. After an active afternoon, we decided to enjoy marshmallow and Stockbrot (Twist Bread) at the bonfire.
Let’s check out some cool pictures below!


Day 6: IP’s Got Talent!

Today was the last day of our lessons and we had a busy day ahead of us. We had a wonderful yoga kick in the morning which was great for everyone to start the day. After lunch, we had a once in a week certificate ceremony to celebrate all the students who paid great effort this week. But the camp did not end yet because we had IP’s got talent to prepare. We discovered a lot of talents and had a packed schedule for the show night. The night was full of creative performances and the juries were impressed. It’s hard to describe in words, let’s just see our talented kids below!


Day 7: Saturday…Time to say Goodbye

Saturday was here again and we did not want to say goodbye, especially to those who had stayed with us for a very long time. The ones who were staying went on a special trip that was designed just for them since we only had 3 students staying behind. They went to the indoor swimming pool in Wetzlar and did some shopping in the mall. After we sent all the students away, we had a very quiet castle. We watched a movie in the evening and got ready for another new week coming. Looking forward to meet all the newcomers tomorrow!