July 31, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 5th Week

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The 5th week of the IP summer season in Hohensolms has arrived!
Are you as excited for what is coming next as we are? Keep yourself updated with the latest blog entries, including day summaries, pictures and videos of our time in a real medieval german castle. In this blog post we have collected everything from week 5 for you, check it out 🙂

Day 1: Sunday –  So many new IP students!

Hello all! We had over 50 newcomers joining us today and we could not be more excited about meeting them. We had arranged a castle tour, a dream catcher workshop and sports for the students who checked in early. After our first dinner together, we had a very warm welcome meeting and divided them into different TTT groups. Then we had all kind of exciting icebreaker games, so our international students could not only get to know each other better but also feel prepared for the next amazing week(s) here in Hohensolms.


Day 2: Monday – Pool Day and Quiz Night!

This morning we started our day with the IP placement test, after that we divided everyone into different classes where they will learn so much in the coming week. All students got to know their teachers in the first lesson and we had a great time! There was an exciting event coming up in the afternoon as we had a pool day. We enjoyed the sunny day with swimming, diving, playing volleyball and mini golf. Everyone was exhausted when we went back to the castle. Fortunately, we had a brain-challenging night instead of a physical one. During quiz night, we had smart brains contributing to their own groups. All winners were well-deserved, great jobs guys!


Day 3: Tuesday – Medieval game started and video challenge!

Today was the first full day of our language lessons and we started to get to know our teachers more. In the afternoon, the Romanian group went on a special trip to Hessenpark while the others started this week’s Medieval games with 5 brand new tasks. The students needed to make scrolls, a horseback race, medieval dancing etc.  After completing all the tasks, they were rewarded the keys to free the dragon. Sit tight! Saving dragon Ippy was only part of our fruitful day because we had a video challenge this evening. We decided to do a Mannequin Challenge and a Harlem Shake, of course we managed to do them in a medieval way. We had a really fun and crazy evening and everyone enjoyed it a lot!


Day 4: Wednesday – Trip to Giessen!

We are half way through this week and today we started with a running kick ‘Pillow’, everyone was ready for their lessons after that. However, what made our students really excited was the trip after lunch as we were going to Giessen! We went to the Botanical Garden, then had an old town walk and went to the shopping mall. The students all enjoyed sundaes and ice-cream on their way. We came back with full shopping bags on our arms. After an ever-walking afternoon, we went back to the castle and had a relaxed movie night while enjoying some popcorn and chips.


Day 5: Thursday – Bonfire night

Everyone UP! It’s a new and important day for everyone here in the castle but first of all, we started our day with kick and lessons with our great teachers. After lunch, we were calling all the knights and princesses again because they needed to free Ippy today. They had to learn about archery, juggling and designing their outfit before getting the map which showed Ippys location. Thanks to all the knights and princesses we had here, Ippy was finally free! We decided to have a big celebration after dinner. We had prepared stick bread and marshmallow for all the brave hearts who sacrificed themselves to keep this castle safe. We had a really good time, let’s check out some photos below.

Day 6: Friday – Last lesson and IP’s got talent!

Everyone seemed tired after 5 crazy days here so we started this wonderful Friday with a Yoga kick! Then all the students enjoyed their last lesson with our amazing teachers who handed them certificates during our special assembly. You can see our class pictures below.
Who’s ready to show us their talents? We had IP’s got talent tonight and everyone was excited about it. We divided the students into four workshops which were Crafting, Dancing, Video Recording and Performing. Finally, we had the opportunity to watch all these talents we had this week. Frankly, the jury members and the students were impressed. Check out the highlights and also see who got Shining Talents!


Day 7: Saturday – Farewell and Mainz Trip

We always hate Saturdays as we need to say goodbye to students who have been with us for a whole week or an even longer time. After a lot of goodbye hugs and exchanging contacts, they all went separate ways. Those who stayed behind also started their day early and hopped on to a taxi heading to Mainz. We first went to Mainz Cathedral which is next to the city centre so our students had their shopping time right afterwards. Then we gathered again and went to Zitadelle and joined a guided tour. Although the weather was not perfect, we still managed to have an awesome day. We were very tired after our trip and everyone was asleep on the way back.