August 7, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 6th Week

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Our castle adventure goes into the next round! We are in week 6
of the IP summer season in Hohensolms already! Keep yourself updated with the latest blog entries, including day summaries, pictures and videos of our time in a real medieval german castle. In this blog post we have collected everything from week 6 for you so check it out 🙂

Day 1: Sunday – A warm welcome to all the newcomers!

Waking up in a quiet castle was not as usual, as much as eating breakfast in an almost empty dining hall. We had plenty of sleep to prepare and welcome everyone who would come after lunch. First, we had a Chinese group visiting us for one day for an intercultural experience.  They started off their day with a castle tour and joined some workshops we offered.  At the same time, we had so many new arrivals, everyone seemed to get along well especially after the tour and the welcome meeting. The laughter lasted till the end of the Icebreaker games and they were excited to spend their first night in a medieval castle. Thanks to all the students who stayed behind from last week, for creating a friendly atmosphere for everyone.


Day 2: Monday – Pool Day and Quiz Night!

How was your first night in the castle? Are you ready for the placement test? At 11am, everyone joined their teachers and started with the first lesson. We began the week with one of the highlights which was pool day. We had a surprisingly warm and sunny day that was perfect for swimming. Later in the evening, we divided the students into different groups and let them compete against each other as part of a game. After a fruitful day, everyone had discovered a new medieval vibe on their own. We can’t wait for tomorrow!


Day 3: Tuesday – Medieval Games I and Karaoke Night!

This was the first full day of our language lessons and we got to learn more about our teachers and students. After lunch, we started the first part of our Medieval Games. Our medieval activity teachers created another 5 new tasks for all the brave knights and princesses. Everyone finally got the keys that they needed for freeing Ippy. Tonight we brought back the Karaoke Night for evening activities. We discovered real talents and true rappers. Of course, we also had boy-bands and mixed group. We were happy to see international students singing different languages, some of them even tried to sing in a foreign language. We ended the night by dancing the famous IP Dance. Have a nice sleep guys, as for tomorrow we expect energetic students for our trip…


Day 4: Wednesday – Half day trip to Hessenpark!

Everyone seemed a bit tired after the medieval games from yesterday, so we decided to start the day with a running and catching kick. Then they all had their language lessons with the teachers. The highlight today was our trip to Hessenpark – an open-air museum. The students could experience the lifestyle of the past and they saw so many things they had never seen before. Afterwards we went back to the castle and had a delicious dinner. Later we spent the evening watching ‘Paul Blart: Mall Cop’, while enjoying popcorn and chips. Hopefully everyone is fully-charged tomorrow morning because we will have a very important task to do tomorrow.


Day 5: Thursday – Free Ippy!!!

It’s unfortunate that we had a rainy day here in Hohensolms but the weather did not stop us from having fun. In the morning the students continued to have lessons with our teachers.  After lunch, our Medieval games resumed and everyone could not wait to finish another 5 tasks like Archery that they longed for and designing costumes for themselves.  Eventually they found their treasure and freed Ippy! Yay! As usual, we celebrated the victory with bonfire night. It was hard to start the fire but some of them still managed to make some stick bread. Enjoy guys!


Day 6: Friday – IP’s GOT Talent!

This was the last day of our language lessons so we did the certificate ceremony formally as usual. It was also the great opportunity for us to have class photos to end the week in a proper way. However, the day did not end at this point since we had the all-time favourite – IP’s GOT talent tonight. We offered the afternoon for the students to prepare and most of them were very excited yet very nervous. Show time was finally here and we wished everyone ‘Break a leg!’  This was the first time that we ever had sign-up performance during the evening. We finally had an individual winner and group winners, it’s always a good way to enjoy the last night by presenting Shining Talents. We had a very special guest this week, our photographer and we showed her photos to the students and everyone loved them.
It’s your last night here in the castle for most of you, so sleep well and enjoy your moments with your international friends.


Day 7: Saturday – Trip day!

The trip to Frankfurt started with a visit to “Römer” where the students got to walk around and enjoy the beauty of the site, they also got to see the Frankfurt cathedral and went on top of the Main tower where they could see the stunning view of the landscape below. The trip ended with free time at the shopping centre where students got to buy souvenirs of Frankfurt and eat ice-cream. While some of the students were on the trip, for some others Saturday meant the last day in the castle, the students had mixed emotions, they were happy to see their parents yet sad to leave the castle and their new friends, but they sure went home with some great memories.