August 14, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 7th Week

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7th week of the IP summer season 2017 in our medieval castle in
Hohensolms! Keep yourself updated with this blog, including the latest news, pictures and videos directly from our center. In this blog post we have collected everything from week 7 for you so check it out 🙂

Day 1: Sunday – Welcome to Hohensolms for our new arrivals!

Sunday means new arrivals and we always make sure that they get a warm welcome. New students and their parents were welcomed with cake and coffee as they did their check in, and after they got a tour of the castle, the delight is not only seen in the students’ faces but also in the parents’ faces when they see the beauty of the castle. The new students got to meet the students who already arrived last week at the playground where they played table tennis together, the students warmed up to each other even more at the icebreaker games in the evening where they got to meet and get to know each other.


Day 2: Monday – New classes and new friends

After the test the students went to their new class for their new lesson, they were all excited to meet and get to know their teachers. After lunch they all went to the poolside where some enjoyed playing volleyball and mini golf, the adventurous ones chose to dive and swim in the pool and some chose to sit and relax by the pool. The students also liked the walk back where they could enjoy the stunning view of the castle and its surrounding. In the evening we organized a quiz night where the students showed their competitive side and the winning group were very happy to earn the quiz prize.

Day 3: Tuesday -Let the medieval games begin!

Today the students went for their lesson with a different enthusiasm as they already got to know their teachers and classmates yesterday and were comfortable to learn. In the afternoon they went on a quest to solve riddles, play medieval games and do different crafts to receive a key in return for the dragon’s cage that will be freed next week. In the evening the students enjoyed singing and dancing at the karaoke and disco night, those with a good voice and even those who were not used to singing opened up and sang with their friends to different songs in different languages, they all went to bed with happy faces.


Day 4: Wednesday – Trip Day

Today the students were excited to go on a trip to Marburg. Marburg is an old town on top of a hill with stunning views of the villages below, we all took a lift to the hill and walked to the top to take pictures and enjoy the beautiful view, we then walked to the old town where the students had some free time to enjoy the beauty of the town, such as the colourful traditional houses and some of them took the opportunity to go shopping. It was a warm and sunny day therefore everyone enjoyed being outside and most of the students were very happy to eat ice cream in the sun. In the evening we were quite tired after the trip and watched the movie Zootopia.

Day 5: Thursday – Bonfire

Today’s afternoon activities were medieval games which were ongoing since last Tuesday, the students did different crafts, played some games and did archery to get the map to find the dragon in the castle in return, to finish the game. In the evening we had a bonfire where we baked marshmallows and bread on sticks and had a relaxed time by the fire while the rest of the students played on the playground.


Day 6: Friday – IP’s Got Talent

Today most students had their last lesson and at the assembly they are happy to receive a certificate witch showed their achieved grade. In the afternoon the students prepared in workshops or on their own for the evening’s event IP’s got talent where they showed their talent. This evening we had some great talents including: singing, dancing, acting and even magic tricks. The evening ended with all the students and IP members dancing to the IP’s summer dance. Everyone went to bed happy with their day.


Day 7: Saturday – Another Goodbye..

Today most of our IP students had to leave the centre so we had to say goodbye again, they had mixed feelings as they were happy to see their parents but sad to leave the centre. The students who stayed, went on a trip to GieĂźen where they went to the Mathematikum museum, a science museum which offers a huge variety of mathematical hands-on exhibits. Afterwards, they went to the botanical garden and had some free time where they could shop and find time to eat a pizza. In the evening everyone was tired from the trip so we ended up watching a movie.