August 21, 2017

Summer 2017 in Hohensolms | 8th Week

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IP summer season 2017 in Hohensolms. We are already in our
8th and last week! If you are wondering what a typical week in a medieval German castle looks like, check out this blog post! You will see everything from interest including the latest news, pictures and videos directly from our center. Check it out! 🙂

Day 1: Sunday – Welcome to Hohensolms to our last group!

Today we welcomed the last new arrivals, parents and students with coffee and donuts as they did their check-in. Everyone was happy to see how beautiful the castle is and they enjoyed the castle tour. The first activities for the new students were table tennis on the playground and board games in the ocean where the students met and started to get to know each other. In the evening they had the welcome meeting where they got a warm welcome and they learned where things are and how things work in the castle, we also had our first TTT (time to talk) together and afterwards we played some ice breaking games where everyone got to know each other.


Day 2: Monday – Scavenger Hunt!

On Monday afternoon the students did a photo scavenger hunt. They had a list of pictures or videos that they had to take around the castle, the students enjoyed taking the pictures and they were very enthusiastic to take good pictures as there was a prize for the groups with the best results, most of them were very creative and they were also very funny. We then saw the pictures in the hall and everyone admired the good pictures and laughed at the funny ones. In the evening they had a quiz were the students showed their competitive side and worked in a team to answer the questions, the winner group was very proud and happy.


Day 3: Tuesday – Pool day!

Today was a very sunny and warm day, which was very lucky for us and the students as we went to Hohensolms’ pool. The students enjoyed playing beach volleyball and mini golf at the pool area while others enjoyed diving and swimming in the pool, the walk to the pool was also very enjoyable as we walked through a path in the forest and had a stunning view of the castle. In the evening we had karaoke night, in the beginning some students were a bit shy but in the end nearly all students were singing to their favourite songs.


Day 4: Wednesday – Trip to Wetzlar

On Wednesday we went on a half day trip to Wetzlar. The students were so excited to go on the trip. When we arrived in Wetzlar, we started our trip with a walk along the river, the weather was warm and sunny and the river and its surroundings where quite beautiful. We then arrived in the old town where the buildings and narrow streets are full of character. We stopped to have an ice-cream and then we went to visit Wetlar’s dome. We ended our trip at Wetzlar’s shopping centre where the students had free time and could buy gifts. At the shopping centre there was also a reptile expedition and some students even met the man who was in charge of it and they could ask him questions on the reptiles and he even gave them a small gift each. So lucky! In the evening most students were tired from the trip so we decided to do a movie night.


Day 5: Thursday – Medieval Games

On Thursday we organised the Medieval Games where the students practised archery and competed in groups. The best group got 28 points out of only 8 shots! The participants of the winner group got a certificate each to take home with them and show it to their family and friends. The students also learned how to make a fire without a match or a lighter. They first gathered wooden sticks and hay from around the castle and then they learned different methods of how to make a fire. In the evening we had a bonfire where the students baked bread on sticks and marshmallows. They also played volleyball and football games on the playground. The students were quite tired at the end of the day but they all went to bed with tired smiles.


Day 6: Friday – Graduation day and IP’s Got Talent

Today the students had their last lessons, so in the assembly we gave out their leaving certificate which stated their level of English. In the evening we had the Ip’s got talent show therefore in the afternoon the students had workshops in which they could prepare for the evening’s show, the students were very creative and practised very hard. The evening’s show was a success, we had a variety of performances such as a demo of martial arts, several singing acts, two plays and others. We had two winners: Alice who played the piano and sang and Aleksei who rapped his favourite song. We ended the night by dancing the IP dance for the last time. It was a great day and an even better evening, the perfect ending for our time in the castle!