July 19, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 3rd Week

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IP summer season 2017 in Exeter! After lots of new experiences, impressions and friends we made in the first and second week, let’s see what week 3 brings…Enjoy the most current pictures, funny videos and daily summaries directly from Exeter, so you know exactly what is going on in our center!

Day 1: A little Goodbye..and a big Hello!

This Saturday was sad for all of us. Everyone was crying during our departures in the morning and then again in the evening. But today was also the day of new arrivals, over 180 IP students arrived in our centre today! We’ve planned Tae Kwon Do, Pilates, and in the evening we decided to do a movie night.


Day 2: Explorer day

On Sunday we had our trips to Tintagel and London. We left from our Exeter Campus very early in the morning but it was definitely worth it! Tintagel is such a beautiful place. The views are breathtaking. Some of our students went to London for a full day trip. They visited Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus and many many other places, of course there is no trip to London without shopping! Check out our pictures!

Day 3: About Quidditch and Limbo

And it is Monday again! Nooooooooo! But thanks to our Supervisors, we had an amazing time during the afternoon and evening acvtivities. At 2:30 PM we played Quidditch on the field next to the Centre. For the evening event all of us prepared a Stoneage Party! We were dancing, playing some games and of course there is no party without LIMBO! Don’t worry, of course we took some pictures for you!

Day 4: time for a little party

The weather today was horrible, it was raining for the whole day. Huge applause to our Amazing Programme Organiser Paula, she always has a plan B! Instead of playing Capture the Flag, we had a party! And it was one of the best parties we have ever organized. Check it out:


Day 5: Project Lipdub 2017!

Today we had a lot of fun! Our centre was taking part in Project Lipdub 2017! Some of our students went on a trip to Plymouth, they told us that it was great, even with the rain. For our evening event we prepared a Karaoke night. We were dancing and singing together for hours. Check out our pictures:


Day 6: Casino Day!

Today is time for our ‘Casino Day’! For our afternoon activity we were preparing decorations and games for the evening. We also had a cheerleading workshop and a trip to Exmouth. As you can see we did a lot of things today. During the evening we were playing a lot of different games, “casino like”, and as always we danced the IP dance by the end of the night.


Day 7: IP’s Got Talent!

Every single week we are organizing IP’s Got Talent and of course this week had to be the same! During the afternoon most of our Students went to town to do their last shopping before their departure. Meanwhile we had a henna tattoos workshop. Every single IP’s Got Talent that we were having in our centre is special. We were so happy with all of the performances that we had that night.