August 14, 2017

Summer 2017 in Exeter | 7th Week

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We can´t believe it! It´s already the 7th week of our IP summer adventure in Exeter. Time goes by… Are you excited what’s coming next? Check out this blog post to see the latest media files and interesting day summaries directly from our center.



Day 1: Saturday – arts & crafts workshop

Saturday is always a new beginning: new programme, new friends, new trips… Our kids went to Cornwall or London and at the campus we prepared some games for them. Table tennis and a really nice arts & crafts workshop to create a postcard! During the afternoon we had our daily town walk and we played capture the flag at the hill! During saturday´s evening our ocean becomes a cinema and today we watched Miss Peregrine´s Home for Peculiar Children! They loved it.

Day 2: Sunday – Bad Taste Welcome Party

Today we went to Bath. The weather was nice and we had a really good time! In Exeter we went to the pool, created a Notebook during the morning and at the afternoon we went to the town and we played some badminton. The evening was really special because we had a visit from our friends from Exmouth! They joined our Bad Taste Welcome Party which was really funny! Supervisors and Students were all dressed in a really bad way, like not matching colors or old clothes.

Day 3: Monday – zombie day

ZOMBIE DAY! Today our lovely Telligo Team prepared a really nice day for the kids which was surrendered by this zombie theme. We had a survival zombie game with basketball in the afternoon and we went to school during the evening to play the final zombie game!

Day 4: Tuesday – ghosts and mysteries

Today we went to Torquay and we had a really nice time there! We also made some homemade juggling materials outside thanks to the amazing weather and our telligo team prepared a funny game called goose games and it was really great! At the evening we joined a red coats tour about ghosts and mysteries and played a fury night.

Day 5: Wednesday – catch the pokemon!

What about turning a beauty workshop into a “Make up your Supervisor?” That´s what happened today at the IP Spa! It was so funny! Meanwhile, we had some kids searching for pokemons all around the campus. For the evening we had lots of things to do: bowling, karaoke or swimming pool!

Day 6: Thursday – tasty pizza

Today we had to got ready for our last IP´s Got Talent! So we had a preparation during the afternoon! We had a pizza workshop as well and it was really tasty 😀 The evening event, as always was awesome!

Day 7: Friday – by by exeter

Last day at the campus for lots of us so we had to prepare everything for tonight! After our weekly group picture and banana dance, we started the activities. We could pimp our T-Shirt, decorate the ocean or play some ball games!! The party was the best way of saying goodbye to such an amazing week and summer season! BYE BYE ENGLAND… but specially, GOODBYE EXETER. We hope to be back soon!