July 20, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 2nd Week

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IP summer season 2017 in Teignmouth! Let’s discover this beautiful, vivid city together! See the latest media files and read interesting day summaries directly from this picturesque town at the coast of Great Britain. In this post we have collected everything from week 2 for you, so check it out!

Day 1: Sunday – Funday!!! 🙂

It’s Sunday again! The students got rest yesterday and are ready for some fun! Some of them went on an awesome trip to Cornwall and luckily there was no rain, so they could make the most of this lovely trip. The ones that stayed on campus, had the opportunity to design postcards for their family and friends. In the evening, we all had lots of fun with the event called ‘Just dance party and karaoke’. There was again a competition between the students and the supervisors. And guess who were the winners? Well, of course our talented students. There was so much singing and dancing, so in the end of the event, we were all exhausted, but it was worth seeing our kids having fun and bonding with each other.


Day 2: Monday – back to school

It’s time to go back to school! Our old students continue with their classes and welcomed their new classmates. After classes we worked pretty hard with our students to prepare the LIPDUP project, which we will share with you soon 🙂 For now, only a few photos from the preparation. In the evening, we had our Welcome party for the new arrivals, which was a huge success and quite some fun for the students. Check out some pictures of today 🙂


Day 3: Tuesday – Casino night!

We are so excited to tell you about our first casino night! It was such a big success! But first the afternoon activities. For the first time this year, we had a beauty and health workshop, which both girls and boys loved! We taught them how to make braids, henna tattoos and make up. The result was all female students having the same hairstyle 🙂 And later the casino night – one sentence – the kids loved it! We had different games organized for them, as well as some small challenges, like for example they needed to take pictures with us, do push ups with us and so on. It was so much fun!


Day 4: Today is time for ‘Haunted house’

Today is time for our best activity – Haunted house. We had activities all over the campus, and the kids needed to come to us and complete our challenges in order to solve the mystery of the murder of Michael Dobson. We all had different characters and got costumes. The funniest part was that our students are so clever that they were not even afraid of our costumes and completed the tasks soo fast! But we had a lot of fun, they loved our costumes. It was a night full of joy and laughter!


Day 5: IP’s Got Talent!

We are so excited to share our IP’s got talent show with you! It was an amazing evening event, we must admit, the best we have had so far! The kids were all so talented, singing, dancing, performing, we were just speechless! Of course, as every year, we, the team have organized our own performances, and also our students got to see the complete LIBDUP video. All the emotions from that night could not just be explained in one post, there are no words to describe the happiness in the student’s faces. We were all very touched by seeing all of our students working together with us and by their effort. It was their night, their decorations, their performances. We wanted to thank them all for this outstanding evening!


Day 6: Farewell party!

Today was great, especially the evening event – it was amazing! The students and the IP crew had so much fun! It was absolutely amazing, a great party with crazy dances ended up with a very emotional and touching moment. Namely, our dear students had to say goodbye to their international friends and us. It was a farewell that brought us all tears of both sadness and happiness. It is great to see, how we created this bond with them in such a short time. We will miss them all and wish them all the best in their lives! And last, but not least… we do not say good bye, we say: See you! 🙂

Day 7: Saturday – lots of goodbyes, new arrivals, new experiences

Today we said goodbye to our students and prepared everything for the new arrivals. It was a very busy and long day, both for us and the students, but as always we prepared for them a movie night. They had the chance to choose between two movies: Grown ups and Moana, depending on their age 🙂 In the afternoon, they had the chance to see the British weather at its best (rainy and cloudy) so they decided to stay on campus and enjoy the Zumba, Ocean chill, Yoga and campus sports activities.