July 13, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 1st Week

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Hello Teignmouth! 🙂 We’re looking forward to a great summer, unique experiences and new friends! See the latest media files and read interesting day summaries directly from this picturesque town at the coast of Great Britain. In this post you’ll find everything from week 1!

Day 1: Time to Go to School!

It is time for our students to start their lessons today. After all, that’s our aim – to help them to learn more than a language. The morning was quite busy, consisting of the placement test and to help the teachers to place the students into classes according to their level of language knowledge. After lunch, we had a town walk and also did some sports activities like basketball and handball or board game competitions. In the evening we had a Hawaiian party! The students had the chance to learn some choreographies of Hawaiian dances and we also played Limbo! It was absolutely awesome, an evening full of good music and a lot of dancing!

Day 2: A Rainy Day Full of Smiles

Unfortunately today has been a rainy day, but the weather couldn’t stop us from having fun! After classes, we had many interesting activities planned for our students, besides, there was also an Exeter trip, which our IP students enjoyed a lot! The ones who decided to stay on campus, had the opportunity to enjoy our heated swimming pool, go to town or participate in the Henna tattoo workshop, which left us speechless, when we saw how talented our students were! In the evening, we had a very interesting competition, called ‘Beat the supervisors’. We prepared some challenges for the students, to compete against us! It was an amazing activity, thanks to the motivation of the students! See the pictures from this lovely day!


Day 3: Trip to the Jurassic Coast

After a rainy Tuesday, Wednesday surprised us with a lovely, warm and sunny weather! Which was just perfect for our trip to the beautiful LymeRegis, or the so called ‘Jurassic coast’. The students had the chance to collect fossils, have ice cream and just play on the beach after the classes. The afternoon activities were quite fun as well! The highlight of the day was the dance workshop, where both students and supervisors taught each other different dances. The evening event was quite active, as we had the Scavenger hunt. The hiding team of students was quite creative with the hiding spots, but in the end we had a team of seekers who managed to find them all! This game helped our students to learn how to work in a team and help each other.


Day 4: Karaoke night and bonfire!

Today was an amazing day – good weather and time for a bonfire! But let’s start with the afternoon – after the lessons, we prepared some interesting activities for the students: Science workshop, dodge ball and of course their favourite – the town walk. But yet again, the Bonfire and karaoke was the highlight of the day – students were singing all together, we enjoyed a lovely evening with sweet potatoes and marshmallows. It was a lovely evening, full of music and lots of happy moments.


Day 5: Friday – time for graduation!

Today we had a small graduation ceremony for the students who are leaving on Saturday. We had a busy afternoon with many activities, but of course, the evening activity was the highlight again! We had a Minion party 🙂 Our program organizer came up with many interesting games and we closed the evening with a Pinata. It was an evening full of smiles, laughter and lots of joy. Check out our pictures of this lovely evening:

Day 6: Saturday – new arrivals, new friendships 🙂

Today we said goodbye to some of our students and welcomed new ones. Besides that, weekends are saved for trips for the remaining students. Sunny and warm weather and a great trip to Bath. The students were amazed by the charm of the city and had a great time exploring. As the students were quite exhausted at the end of the day, we organized a cinema evening. There was a batch of popcorn for everyone and they definitely appreciated having a nice and calm evening. Wait for tomorrow to see what’s going on during the weekend in Teignmouth 🙂