July 25, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 3rd Week

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Third week of the IP summer season 2017 in Teignmouth! After all the great experiences we made in the previous weeks, we can’t wait for week 3. Check out this blog post to keep yourself updated about the latest media files and interesting day summaries directly from our center in this picturesque town at the coast of Great Britain.

Day 1: Sunday Bonfire and Pool party

Hello everyone! Now our lovely campus is full with freshly arrived students, time to have some fun! In the morning we had a workshop, where the students were able to make their own dream catchers, as well as they had the chance to try slacklining. In the afternoon, all the students discovered this beautiful town, they had some ice cream and enjoyed some beach sports. But the highlight of our day was the evening event. Actually, evening events! Yes, we had two different events for the students – they had the chance to enjoy the pool party and the bonfire!

Day 2: Let’s make Monday funday as well!

It is such a lovely, warm and sunny Monday, what do we do when the weather is nice? We go to the beach and the pool!!! After classes, most of the students enjoyed the nice weather and the others decided to stay on campus and get Henna tattoos. The welcome party this time has an interesting theme – Neon party! So much dancing, so much fun!


Day 3: Tuesday – trip day and chaos game

Today was a very exciting and active day. Most of our students joined the trip to the lovely Torquay in the afternoon. Luckily the weather was perfect! So much sun and fun in only a few hours time. The evening event was more than perfect – we had a real life board game! Our IP students had to search on campus to find their secret sentences in order to get the chance to throw the dice again and complete the game as winners. It was so much fun!!!


Day 4: Wednesday – Oscar night

It has been a very active and interesting day. In the afternoon we had a workshop where our students were able to create their own bracelets, go to the swimming pool (of course, as we had such great weather) and of course, the evening event! It was such a big success! We had quiz & suit night. All students and supervisors were dressed up, we had an Oscar theme night for the quiz. It was a lot of fun, fancy dressed students all over the place, just amazing. Of course, we will share some pictures with you!

Day 5: graduation meeting

Today is Friday and what do we do on Friday? We are having a graduation meeting for all the students leaving on Saturday. Our lead teacher gave the students their certificates after the lessons, so that afterwards they could enjoy the town walk with the supervisor for the last time. The evening event was quite active and interesting. We had Werewolf game and Hide & seek for the students. Werewolf game is quite interesting, as it requires from students to have certain knowledge on different topics, such as sports, movies, adjectives, animals etc. We always try to make it fun, this is why it was combined with Hide & seek – which was the favorite game of the night.

Keep up with our Friday with the following pictures.

Day 6: Sun and rain, fun and smiles

Although the weather today has been changing constantly, it couldn’t stop us and our students from having fun. In the afternoon, we had a town walk and enjoyed both the rain and the sun 🙂 Some of the students that decided to stay on campus, had an activity called “Body drawing” (we will share some pictures with you, so that you know what it is exactly). The evening event was quite active aswell, as we combined Hide & Seek + Capture the flag. There were students running all over the campus and competing with the other teams. Keep up with tomorrow’s post to find some pictures of the Farewell meeting and graduation.