August 2, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 4th Week

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We finally reached the 4th week! Times goes by so quickly…..The students have experienced a lot during last weeks. Are you excited what’s coming next? Keep yourself updated about the latest media files and interesting day summaries. In this blog post you will find everything from week 4.

Day 1: Monday – Preliminary test and Dirty Gymkhana

Today is time to go back to the classrooms. Some of the students were worried about the Preliminary test, but it all went pretty smooth and they were more than happy to forget all about it in the afternoon activity – Dirty Gymkhana. It is a very interesting game, with different stations and challenges for the students in all of them – for example they need to catch the sweets in a bowl full of water and right after that, they need to catch the ones in another bowl with flour – so you can imagine the result – floury faces all over the campus. The late arrivals from Saturday had the chance to enjoy the nice weather in the town and get some ice cream. The evening event – my personal favourite – Guess who. We prepared 5 sentences about ourselves (all staff members) and the students had to guess which one applies to whom. It is a perfect opportunity for us and the students to get to know each other. It was so much fun again!!!


Day 2:  Tuesday – sunny day

We woke up – and there was sun again!!! Lucky us, as all of the students went to this awesome trip to Exeter – lots of sightseeing, shopping, food and fun! What a nice way to spend the afternoon! Well, as the Flashmob is on its way, we also take every opportunity to train the kids for IP dance (that’s how we spend the breaks now – lots of music and dancing). After the trip, the evening event was ready for the students – Werewolf game! We had different categories of questions again: sports, movies, adjectives and so on. But they also had the chance to join the club cranium, which was  for our younger students, as the Werewolf game is more complicated and requires having deeper knowledge. The aim in the end is to have fun and learn something new – well, mission achieved.

Day 3: Wednesday – IP’s got talent

Today we had one of our favourite events – IP’s got talent. Almost all day we were involved in its preparation. Not us, the students – everything was their ideas, we just provided them with the necessary equipment. It was an amazing night, we were all speechless with the performances – piano, guitar, singing, acrobat show and so on and so on. It is awesome how each time they are able to surprise us with new skills!

We will share some pictures with you from this lovely evening event:

Day 4: Thursday – Flashmob in Exmouth

Today is the day for the Devon Flashmob!!! After so many weeks of preparation, it is finally time to meet all the students of Devon for an unforgettable day in lovely Exmouth! After having the Flashmob, the students had the chance to enjoy the beautiful beach of Exmouth, explore the town or do some sports at the beach. After the activities, we had picnic at the beach for dinner and after dinner it’s time for what??? – Party!!!! We were all gathered at the ocean of Exmouth, where we danced, sang and created new friendship.

Many thanks again to the OVER PRO of IP and all the staff members for all the effort and hard work put into this event, which is definitely the event of the summer, the event, to which everyone will remember!!!

Day 5: Friday – time to say goodbye again…

It’s Friday – time to say goodbye again. Although the day started with so many positive emotions and memories, the evening was sad. We had bonfire & karaoke evening, sang all together, had marshmallows and sweet potatoes, but it was also a very touching evening. All those friendships, bonds created became so strong, so it was difficult to say goodbye. I am pretty sure, our students will try to keep in touch and maybe one day meet again.

We are looking forward to welcoming our new students though.

Day 6: Saturday – welcoming new students

Today we said goodbye to some students and welcomed new ones. For the ones, staying over the weekend, we had a trip to Bath – definitely the favourite of all – students and adults. Everyone, who stayed in the campus in the morning had two options: to be more active and do campus sports or enjoy the Massage and relaxation workshop. The evening, as every Saturday was the same – Cinema night, so that our kids can gather their strength for the next day and be ready for the activities. One of the movies for the yellow bracelets was the Grown ups 2, and the younger students watched Zootopia. It was a calm and relaxing evening.

Day 7: Sunday – having fun at some workshops

It’s finally time for the students to start having some fun, as they are all rested. In the morning we had some interesting workshops – DIY Keyrings & Fidget spinner competition, as all of the students are crazy about them! The ones who wanted to keep themselves fit, enjoyed the CrossFit session with our supervisor, who is also a professional CrossFit Trainer. Some of the students had the chance to enjoy the good weather in the lovely Cardiff. The afternoon was quite active – Beach sports, town walk and board games, but not as active as the evening event. The students had the chance to sing and dance until they were all exhausted and went to sleep.

Keep up with pictures from our kind of Sunday fun day!