August 9, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 5th Week

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Time flies! Our adventure in Teignmouth enters the 5th week! We have to enjoy every moment! After a lot of new experiences we made in the previous weeks, lets see what the fifth week brings…Keep yourself updated with the most current pictures, videos and daily summaries directly from our center in Teignmouth!

Day 1: Monday –  Test day

Today we had some language tests for the new arrivals and the rest of our students went back to classes. The afternoon was quite busy: dance workshop, town walk and campus sports – dodge ball. But the evening event was very funny – Welcome party, as every Monday. Today’s theme was Beat the Supervisors – there were different stations, different challenges for the students to compete with the Supervisors: Tic Tac Toe, flip the cup, water pong, Jenga and much more. The kids were really enthusiastic about it and the winners will get their price tomorrow. Let the better ones win!


Day 2: Tuesday – Trip day

Rainy rainy Tuesday, British weather is back!!! But this couldn’t stop us from having fun, because today was a trip day! Rainy Torquey is such a beautiful town, which we all enjoyed a lot! After the trip, the evening event was one of our favourites: Casino night! There were different stations, where students could try and compete against the Supervisors or do different challenges in order to earn some treats 🙂 It was a very funny evening, we all had lots of fun and candies.


Day 3: Wednesday – Haunted house party at Trinity school!

Today was another rainy day, but also another trip day. Dartmoor and in particular Tavistock was today’s destination. Very small, lovely and nice town. The market was impressive and the 4 churches in town with their historical architecture – amazing! On campus, we had two different workshops: Handball, for the active ones and for the ones that like drawing and arts: Henna Tattoos. The evening event – the unquestionable star: Haunted house party!!! All the supervisors were dressed up, masked, we wearing make up and we also helped our students with their costumes. The outcome – an amazing evening event, lots of fun and unforgettable memories. Keep up with the pictures from this joyful day!

Day 4: Thursday – sunny day

Today was the sunniest day this week, so we went swimming! But before that, it´s Teignmouth lipdub time! Students all over the building, different costumes, different themes and again so much enthusiasm and great participation by all of our students. The outcome – one of the best Lipdubs for this summer, which you can see in the International projects official websites. In the evening, we had pitch bonfire and games. So this time not only singing and marshmallows, but we also played some games at the pitch. We all had a great time and definitely burned most of  the marshmallows.

Day 5: Friday – international friendships

One of the playschool kids had birthday today, so we had some balloons, a cake and of course a small graduation ceremony special only for them. The farewell party today was a neon party –  a lot of dancing, a lot of colours and of course the most difficult part every week – saying goodbye. The most important thing is to see that we fulfilled our mission – every week, students are all learning more than a language – we helped them to make new international friendships, learn to communicate with different cultures. The outcome is just awesome!

Day 6: Saturday –  trip to bath

As every weekend, we are sending some students home and welcoming new ones. And of course, the students who are going to spend one more week with us, its trip day! This week we visited the lovely Bath – great weather, perfect tour and free time! We had our weekly town walk for the new arrivals, after the welcome meeting and the campus tour. And the evening, as every saturday – cinema night. This week’s options were: The Avengers and The Minions, for different age groups. After a relaxing evening and lots of popcorn all the students were looking forward to going to sleep in order to gain some strength for tomorrow’s football match.

Day 7: Sunday – Students vs. Supervisors

The weekend surprised us again with good weather, which is more than perfect for us, as the morning activity for this sunday was a football match: Students vs. Supervisors. It does not really matter which team won, because the most important part for the activity was having fun. The afternoon was quite busy – a wide range of activities – beach sports, town walk, cocktail mixology and board games. In my opinion, the highlight for today was the quiz night – many different questions, fare and competitive battle among the teams, and lots of sweets and treats for the winner team. For the juniors there was a beach BBQ – marshmallows, sweet potatoes and lots of bonding time.