August 16, 2017

Summer 2017 in Teignmouth | 6th Week

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We have reached the 6th week of our IP summer adventure
in Teignmouth! Time really does fly when you’re having fun 🙂 Check out this blog post to keep yourself updated about interesting day summaries and the latest pictures and videos of our activities in our center in Teignmouth.


Day 1: Monday – Ibiza party

On Monday we had to get serious for the test, but we had a very busy and interesting afternoon and evening planned. We had guests today – Exmouth team and students joined us today for the activities, so we had a big variety of activities, among which they can choose. Afternoon: swimming pool; DIY kite kit; town walk and ocean chill with board games. The theme for the welcome party for both camps was: Ibiza. Dress – code: white! So was time to dance, sing and our favourite – Hawaiian dance challenge: Boys vs. Girls. It was a very exciting day, meeting new students and Supervisors.

Day 2: Tuesday – Scavenger hunt

Weekend was over, and finally it was time to go back to school again. But summer in IP is for learning more than a language, so what did we do? We made friends, created bonds, had fun and learned at the same time. How did we do this? By our activity programmes. Today, our evening activities consisted of two different ones: +14 Pub crawl (Pavilion Teignmouth) and Scavenger hunt for the younger ones. Scavenger hunt, had two different teams – Hider and Seekers. The hiding team was hiding clues in different parts of the city and the Seekers need to find them and collected as many as possible. In the end all the students met in the Den, for taking group pictures and going back to school.

Day 3: Wednesday – LymeRegis

It was trip day! Yay!!! And where were we going today? LymeRegis! Lovely, small, sea town, stunning beach and views. But what else? Fossils! The students love going to LymeRegis because of the Fossils that they could find and collect around the coast. The weather was more than perfect, so we could made the most of it. The afternoon for the students on Campus: Town walk, Basketball and IP’s got talent preparation, as tomorrow is the big night. We had many many talented students again, many interesting ideas.

Day 4: Thursday –  last IP’s got talent

It was time for the last IP’s got talent of this year. Although we felt sad, the performances we saw were incredible! Definitely we had a proper last Talent show in Teignmouth. Singing, dancing, theatre, we were more than thrilled and touched to had these kids with us. In the afternoon, we had a pimp your T-shirt workshop, which was quite fun and we ended up having so many colourful and interesting new T-shirt models. It was a day full of creativity, enthusiasm and lots of fun.

Day 5: Friday – twin party

On Friday we had one of our last Farewell parties, it was time to say goodbye again. The theme this week was: Twin party! Everyone had to find a twin and dress up the same way or wear the same masks. And of course there was a lot of dancing and jumping and lots of fun! But in the end, again after our PRO’s playlist, when we were all saying goodbye, there were lots of tears. But actually, this is also a good thing – this means our mission was achieved: learning more than a language. Building new friendships, creating a network. There was nothing more satisfying to see the outcome of our hard work.

Day 6: Saturday –  one more Campus LipDub

New week, new arrivals, but this was our last week, so we want to made it epic and memorable! We had already planned the most liked activities for the whole week + one more Campus LipDub with a surprise. As all the new arrivals are very very tired, we continue our tradition with the Cinema night: Guardians of the Galaxy and Zootopia. Lots of drinks, popcorn, sweets and a relaxed evening, gaining some strength for the next day and the next week in general.

Day 7: Sunday –  workshops

It has been a rainy Sunday and what do we do in rainy days – we stay in, warm and did nice activities in the campus. In the morning we had a workshop for DIY – Bracellets. Students were very creative and enjoyed the workshop a lot. They also made one bracelet for each staff member as well! Isn’t that sweet. In the afternoon, most of us stayed in the ocean again and enjoyed the Henna tattoo workshop. Now the campus is full of different tattoos, each and every one more interesting. In the evening it was time to get a little active, so we had ‘Just dance – party and Karaoke’. As we were all enjoying the party a lot, we did not have any pictures.