July 10, 2017

Summer 2017 in Winchester | 2nd Week

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Week 2 of the summer season 2017 in Winchester!
After a lot of new experiences we made in the first week, lets see what the second week brings…Enjoy the most current pictures, videos and daily summaries directly from our center in Winchester and keep yourself updated 🙂

Day 1: London time!

Today was a trip day, most of our students enjoyed a wonderful trip to London, where they were able to see the Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Trafalgar Square and lots of other famous landmarks in London. The rest of our students spent a wonderful afternoon in town. And in the evening we enjoyed a movie.


Day 2: Trip to…

Today we had our second full day trip! This time, we went to… OXFORD, where our students had a wonderful guided tourn around the city. The students that stayed here in Winchester had a great town orientation walk, where we showed them the local landmarks. In the evening we joined all our students where they were able to meet each other with Ice Breakers games.


Day 3: Portsmouth!

Our first Monday with all the new students! We are so happy to have them all on campus. Today we had a trip to Portsmouth, lots of fun activities (Henna tattoos or a football match) and in the evening we had The Great Game, where our students had the chance to run and talk a lot.


Day 4: About yoga, Harry Potter wands and Gymkhana…

A new day in Winchester. It was a rainy day so we needed to change our program a little bit. Our students did some yoga or created their own Harry Potter wands. In the evening all our students joined us for an IP Gymkhana.


Day 5: Trip to Salisbury

Today was another wonderful day in Winchester. Most of our students went to Salisbury where they where able to visit the famous cathedral. The IP students who stayed on campus were able to sing and chill in the ocean. In the evening our supervisors where defeated by the students during the game “beat the supervisor”.


Day 6: Feeling like a celebrity…

Today was a day full of fun and celebrities! Celebrities? Yes because we had a movie theme night! Our students were able to take pictures in the photocall and walk on the red carpet. But that is not the only thing that we did: In the afternoon we had zumba and sports!


Day 7: IP’s Got Talent!

Today it was our second Friday and we had to say goodbye to most of our students. In the afternoon we had a town walk, sports and some students prepared themselves for the big event: IP’s Got Talent. We had a lot of participants, who delighted us with music, dance and magic.