July 17, 2017

Summer 2017 in Winchester | 3rd Week

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Summer season 2017 in Winchester! Our third week is already here.
After a lot of new experiences we made in the previous weeks, lets see what the third week brings…Keep yourself updated with the most current pictures, videos and daily summaries directly from our center in Winchester!

Day 1: London!

Today we were able to meet our new IP students and at the same time we had to say goodbye to the ones leaving. But our energy didn’t go away. We had our London trip and the students on campus were able to do some sports, chill in the ocean and go to town. In the evening we organized a movie night.


Day 2: Brighton!

Today we had such a wonderful day! We had our trip to Brighton, but most of the students were on campus, where they enjoyed a pizza party. They also did sports, an orientation walk for the new students and in the evening we played ice breaker games, where our students had the chance to meet each other.


Day 3: and here comes Monday..

Our third Monday and we are as exited as we were on the first one. Today our students were in Southampton, where they visited all the landmarks. On campus our students enjoyed some smoothies and tennis and in the evening a series of tasks made them run around campus taking pictures.


Day 4: Lipdup

Today it was one of the funniest days. We did our LIPDUP, so our students spent their afternoon decorating, dressing up and recording the lip-dub. In the evening due to the rain we had to cancel the selfie race and we did Kahoot instead.


Day 5: Bournemouth

Today it was a day full with sand and music. We went to Bournemouth, where our students were able to enjoyed the beach and the sun. Here in Winchester we had a rainy day but that did not stop our students. In the afternoon we had a really nice town walk and in the evening we did a music theme night.


Day 6: Mad House!

Today was an amazing day! In the afternoon our students enjoyed a workshop where they were able to create their own notebook or discover the beautiful Winchester during a town walk. In the evening we had Mad House where our students needed to escape from our supervisors.

Day 7: A little Goodbye..

Today we had to say goodbye to some of our students. But during the day we had a wonderful time. We had our normal town walk, workshops and different sports and in the evening we organized a very authentic Hawaiian Party, where we danced and played a lot of games. It was a great day after all!