August 2, 2017

Summer 2017 in Winchester | 5th Week

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Time flies! Our adventure in Winchester enters the 5th week! After
making lots of new friends, visiting some interesting places and making exciting experiences, lets see what the fifth week brings…You’ll find all the latest updates, including day summaries and pictures of this week in Winchester, in this post, so keep yourself updated 🙂

Day 1: Monday – Harry Potter and other games

Today was such an interesting day. Our students spent their day doing yoga and some other sports. In the evening we had two great evening events, one dedicated to Harry Potter and called “Beat the supervisors”. It was so much fun!


Day 2: Tuesday – Sports and bonfire

Today was another quite active day. In the afternoon, our students went to town or were playing baseball. In the evening, we had a bonfire where everyone could have some melted marshmallows with cookies and chocolate. Yum!!!


Day 3: Wednesday – Bournemouth

Today was a rainy day in Winchester. Our students went on a trip to Bournemouth in the afternoon, where they got the chance to visit all the different landmarks of this beautiful city. In the evening, we organized our very own Olympic games for all our IP students.


Day 4: Thursday – Active day again

Today was an interesting day full of activities. In the afternoon we did a town walk, played some tennis, did Zumba and played catch the flag with a Harry Potter theme. In the evening, we had a series of small games with sports and riddles.


Day 5: Friday – Halloween time!

Today was such a funny day. In the afternoon, our students had the chance to get ready for an awesome night. We did a town walk, preparation for the night and sports. The night was a Halloween theme night, so our students had the chance to dress up and play some Halloween themed games.

Day 6: Saturday – Trip day

Today we went on a trip to Oxford. Our students had the chance to learn about the beautiful city and its landmarks. Unfortunately it started to rain during the tour, but that didn’t stop our students from having a good time. The students that stayed on campus did a town walk, several workshops and sports.


Day 7: Sunday – Trip day to LONDON

Today was our last trip to London. Most of our students went on this exciting trip that allowed them to see the landmarks of the capital; Big Ben, London Eye, Trafalgar Square, etc. The rest of the students had the chance to go to town and to see a movie in the evening.