November 27, 2011

Summer Courses Abroad 2012

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Traveling is one activity that never gets old. Whether you’re embarking on your 100th trip or your 1st trip there is always something new and exciting in store. But what if you’re at the age where mom and dad don’t really feel comfortable with you traveling alone? Or you’re just about 18, but not quite,  and would still really love to go on vacation without mom and dad?

Then look no further,  because International Projects has some great offers available just for you. Every year IP offers amazing opportunities to travel, meet new people, and brush- up on your language skills through its junior summer courses. Junior summer courses are a great way to get out of town, experience something new, and please mom and dad all at the same time.

Whether you’re thinking of learning German, Spanish, English, or French , International Projects offers exciting excursions to major European cities that fit everyone’s travel taste and language abilities. The best part about a trip with IP is that improving your language skills is just as important as having fun. In 2012 IP will also be offering some new and exciting recreational activities such as a surfing course in Biarritz and a mini Olympics competition in Teignmouth. Not to mention plenty of day trips to keep any curious travel on their toes.

In addition to all the fun, summer courses abroad set the stage for meeting some amazing new friends. Not only will you get to know new people during your trip, but you can always keep in touch. Whether you’re posting comments on IP’s facebook page , exchanging email, or Skyping, staying in touch with new friends is not only fun, but a great way to keep working on your langauge abilities.

So when it comes time to start planning your epic summer of 2012 make sure to check out some of IP’s amazing summer courses abroad!


For an unforgettable summer check out IP’s Summer Courses Abroad 2012.