February 18, 2011

Summer English Class

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Going to college is a fun and exciting part of every young person’s life. Experiencing life outside of mom and dad’s house and getting to meet a whole new group of people sets the landscape for some unforgettable memories. For those who haven’t reached college age student towns are often a mystery. A fun and safe way to introduce kids to living among their peers is by enrolling them to a summer English class set in a beautiful cosmopolitan student town.

They’ll have the chance to meet new friends, “live on their own” for a week, while still learning some valuable skills that will put them ahead in the following school year. A summer English class offers students a fun way to review or improve their English with plenty of opportunities for practical application. International Projects offers a variety of courses in England and Ireland that allow kids to enjoy a week off while still learning English. For example, Bournemouth is located on the English coast offering kids the luxury of seaside activities in addition to visiting their English classes. What better way to learn English than by having fun?

All of IP’s instructors are native speakers trained specifically to teach English as a foreign language. Instructors use innovative methods to keep kids interested and encourage them to use their English skills outside of the classroom. Not to mention the variety of day trips and activities available for kids to enjoy with their international peers. There really is no better way to convince a student to “work” during the summer than by offering them a ticket to the seaside.

So the next time you catch your student wondering what college life is going to be like or would simply like to give them an extraordinary summer activity , check out one of IP’s summer English classes.

Check out one of IP’s Summer English Courses in Bournemouth.