June 4, 2010

Summer English Class

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As summer approaches and visions of beaches and margaritas fill the mind, the „joy“ of  taking an English  summer class is generally not the first thing that comes to mind. Classes are stuffy, it feels like an entire day has been wasted, and everyone longs to be on vacation. What if it were possible to combine the two and still manage to save the summer holidays in all their glory? Luckily, taking a vacation and brushing up on those English skills at the same time is possible. Consider moving that summer school class from the stuffy adult education center or local school, abroad. That’s right; enrol in a summer English class abroad.

One might ask, “Is it really possible to take a class and still be on vacation?” Yes, generally, taking a class abroad consists of morning instruction followed by afternoons and evenings that are free. In other words, you are completely on vacation. What better way to learn English than on vacation? A benefit of taking a class abroad is having native speakers as teachers. Not only will the teacher focus on book material, but also provide the opportunity to finally learn real conversation, slang, and expressions that cannot be taught in a text book. International Projects is a tour operator that organizes language holidays abroad with native speaking English teachers, so you don’t sound like a walking text book.

Also, don’t forget that summer classes always bring out the best in people. The stress of the school year or work atmosphere is gone, and everyone is looking to relax and have a good time. This kind of atmosphere is irreplaceable, and opens the door to new adventures, friends, and a place to feel comfortable and relax. So as summer approaches consider which classroom you would rather be sitting in; a stuffy one at home, or abroad enjoying vacation.