April 20, 2012

Summer Jobs in Europe

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Looking for a great summer job? Something that goes beyond waiting tables or sitting in an office all day? Finding the right summer job can be the difference between an “ok” summer and an amazing summer. If you’re looking to have an amazing summer and earn some extra money, then take a moment to check out some of International Projects’ summer jobs in Europe.

One of International Projects’ best kept secrets is its top-notch international team that keeps each summer program up and running. The IP team is full of creative individuals from different backgrounds and diverse experiences. Maybe you have a knack for tourism and customer service? Then you may want to consider sending in an application to be Center Manager. Are you a school teacher looking for some additional work or you’d like to expand your teaching profile? Then maybe the position of Lead Teacher was created for you. From organizers, to managers and assistants as well as teachers, IP has a variety of positions all over Europe which are waiting to be filled by motivated, qualified, and fun individuals.

Even if you’re not keen on organizing events or teaching a foreign language, IP also has positions available as an Activity Teacher, Arts Supervisor, or Sports Supervisor. These positions allow you to interact with course participants on a recreational level, while showing off some of your sporty or crafty skills.

So before you send in another application to waitress, or decide to fill your summer days with busy work, think about how much fun it would be to travel, work with other great individuals, and get paid for having fun all at the same time.  If any of these positions sound right for you, then go ahead and check out IP’s summer jobs in Europe page and start describing your summer plans as “amazing” instead of “ok”.

Check out IP’s Summer Jobs in Europe!