March 16, 2012

Surf Courses in Bournemouth & Mini Olympics in Teignmouth

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Looking for something fun to celebrate the 2012 Olympics this summer? If so, a trip to England might be in order. Whether you are in London, Bournemouth, or Teignmouth celebrating the Olympics (and summer vacation of course) is easy with International Projects.

Do you have a favorite Olympic event? At IP’s junior summer course in Teignmouth you can participate alongside the pros by joining in on the Mini Olympics. You’ll be able to participate and train in tons of cool water sports and show everyone what you’ve got with an Olympic race at the end of the week.

Looking to try a future Olympic sport? Then, IP’s special surfing course in Bournemouth is sure to be your cup of tea. Bournemouth is an ideal place to surf with great waves, a beautiful beach, and patient instructors. A beginner’s course involves 5 lessons (2 hours each) and lasts one week. You may not look like a pro at the end of the week , but you should definitely be able to pass for a cool surfer.

What better way to spend your summer than by practicing your Olympic skills or testing the waters with a new surf course? Of course, in addition to all this sporty fun , you will still have time for IP’s top-notch language courses. Taught by native speakers, you are sure to improve your English along with your athletic skills. Not to mention, in such an international atmopshere, English will be your biggest asset so you can communicate with the other students in your group from all over Europe.

So the next time you and your friends start talking about what exciting ways you’ll be celebrating the 2012 Olympics, don’t forget to mention International Projects’ amazing course offers in Bournemouth and Teignmouth.

Check-out IP’s surfing course in Bournemouth and Mini Olympics in Teignmouth.