July 19, 2011

Tobias is having fun with his new friends and supervisors in Winchester, England

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My holidays so far were very nice. It is so fun! When I arrived everybody was friendly to me and my room was cleaned and it smelt like I would have stepped into paradise. At first I was surprised because I only saw some German guys but in the evening the French arrived. Ils sont très sympa!

However they weren’t as nice as the super supervisors. They make me so happy, every time I see them I have to smile. That was the best first summer holiday week ever and the second is going to be great too. To be honest, I have got the best teachers in the world here in Winchester. Mostly I like the two Sarahs. One of them should remember me to my old English teacher, Miri said. But the other break all records. She is so nice, I like her lessons (they are so great and I can understand everything. The French people would say: Elle a un look d`enferme.
So let’s have a look on the campus food: I have to admit that it is very tasty and the choice is really good.
Not to forget the Spanish guys, I love them all.
I like Winchester’s climate because it is nearly changing every hour. But that’s ok because King Alfred campus is offering so many possibilities.

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