November 18, 2011

Understanding Quality

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In these financial times there are definitely things you can save on. Instead of buying a brand new car you opt for a used car. Or instead of purchasing name brand products at the grocery store you reach for the store brand instead. Saving money is great as long as there is still a high standard of quality, and with something as important as learning a language, quality should not be compromised.

With over 25 years of experience International Projects has always focused on improving the quality of its programs. From course curriculum to great living quarters and reasonable prices, International Projects is focused on delivering the best that language learning has to offer. With such high standards it comes to no surprise that IP’s Junior Summer Courses are accredited by the British Council.  The British Council ensures that  English language courses in the UK meet specific quality standards. The British Council found that IP’s Junior Summer Courses have qualified teachers and great curriculum, safe and modern classrooms, up to par emergency procedures and information, along with regularly inspected accommodations, and full supervision of children and young adults. With so many language providers out there, it’s great to know that IP’s programs only provide  genuine, quality care.

The best part about IP’s language approach is that having high standards doesn’t get in the way of fun. Junior Summer Courses have a perfect balance of great language instruction with recreational activities. IP understands that the most valuable langauge learning takes place outside of the classroom in a comfortable, open environment. This attitude of providing above average service while having fun has helped make IP one of the leading specialists in language holidays. 

So the next time you start thinking of ways to save, look for an excellent travel and language provider such as IP that is always looking for ways to improve their standards.