July 18, 2011

Walter tells about his daily routine in Chichester, GB

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My name is Walter and I’m 15 years old. I come from Rome, Italy. I decided to spend a holiday in Chichester  to improve the English and also for meet other people and enjoy myself.

This holiday was one of the most beautiful I’ve ever spend.

During the weeks (from Monday to Friday) the day begin with a rich breakfast and after we had a kick, that was a little boring game, for me. The day continue with the lessons. The first day we did the entry text and in about 30 minutes all the classes were ready. So every morning each student had to go to their class. The lessons starts at 9 o’clock and finished at 12.30 . From 10.30 to 11 o’clock there is a break.

After the lessons there is a lunch time. Unfortunately the food was very bad, except for some dishes (very uncommon). After lunch there is an assembly time, where Anika, Simone and Alex tell us the afternoon activities. There are more than one, so we have to choose at least one. There are games and sports activities. Some activities were good like music and sports activities, but other were not too much good, like the campus hunt.

After all this activities, at 5.30 there was dinner. Now is time to start the night activities. Not all of them were funny but the most of them yes. The best night activity was the karaoke, because I like sing, even if I’m not very good.

At the weekend there is not school, so we went to visit some cities, above all London, the best city I’ve never seen.

In conclusion, there was a very funny holiday. Thanks to the staff because was very available and very kind with all of us.