July 2, 2012

What to pack on your holiday

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Feel like you’re forgetting something? Maybe your toothbrush or socks? Packing for a holiday can be an irritating and tedious activitiy. What is too much or too little?

Well in this blog entry you’ll get to read about some non-convential items you should be sure not to forget, to take some stress out of your preparations for your upcoming trip.

Of course it goes without saying that you shouldn’t forget basic items like socks, underwear, jeans, t-shirts, a jacket or pullover, and study shoes. But what if you get sick? Be sure to pack some of your own cold/flu medicine that you keep at home. If you get sick on you holiday finding the same medicine you usually buy at home can be very difficult, so it easier just to bring a small amount with you.

This also applies to bathroom items like deoderant and face wash. Sure you can buy these things when you get there, but often times other countries have different products so it’s hard to know which product is right for you. You’ll save time and money by packing small items such as these yourself.

Also, don’t forget sunglasses or a hat. Sunglasses and hats tend to be one of the last things on a person’s mind, but some of the most irritating things to forget. You’ll want a cheap hat or sunglasses  for all that time you’ll be spending outside. And yes, I did say “cheap”. Let’s be honest, you’ll be so busy having fun on your holiday you may accidentially forget them somehwere, so it’s good to pack items that aren’t  too expensive in case you lose them or break them.

Other good items are flip- flop sandals or water shoes. These are not only great for going on the beach (depending on your location), but they are also a wonderful thing to have when sharing a shower with other people. These are just practical items that bring a certain level of comfort when you’re away from home.

Still think you’re forgetting something? Then sign onto Facebook and ask some of our experienced travelers what you should bring or what they wish they hadn’t forgetton!

Safe travels and happy packing!!