June 6, 2017

1st Week: Whitsun in Bournemouth!

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The Whitsun language holidays of IP International Projects have started! Come with us to Bournemouth and experience an unforgettable journey to England with lots of new experiences, exciting trips and new friends! In this blog post you’ll find current images straight from Bournemouth so you know exactly what happens during our Whitsun language holidays… 🙂

Day 1

Today the IP students have arrived! After an exciting day, they met their new host families. Let’s see what tomorrow brings, when the English lessons finally start…

Day 2

After a well deserved good night’s sleep, the IP students started their “official” stay with a placement test and their first English lessons. Later that day we had some creative fun with a henna tattoo workshop and other cool activities like the quiz night in the evening.

Day 3

This day was filled with energy! After the lessons had taken place the students could choose between three afternoon acitivities: Twister, beach football or “Pop the balloon”. After supper we had a lot of fun at our “Just Dance Night”. And tomorrow we’ll have a trip to Winchester. Can’t wait!

Day 4

Today we did an exciting trip to Winchester, which has been the capital city of England. While doing some sightseeing we learned that Winchester cathedral is one of the largest cathedrals in Europe. As you can see, everyone had a lot of fun!


Day 5

Today was all about a photo challenge. The IP students went to town and took pictures with different topics. Here you can see some of our winning pictures, but try to pick your own winner!


Day 6

The clock is ticking faster than we could imagine… Suddenly, it is already Friday and in less than a week the IP students are leaving the centre. We got a bit emotional but now we focus even more on enjoying our time together 🙂

Day 7

Saturday, the day of the second big trip! This time we went to beautiful London. We had an early start to the day and were very lucky with the weather so all in all it was a great trip and it’s safe to say that everyone had a blast. We hope to see you soon again London!



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