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Enjoying holidays together, learning the language individually.

Language courses for adults

General English Course
15 or 20 x 45 minutes (11.25 or 15 hours) / week

15 or 20 lessons per week. Classes focus on vocabulary enhancement, improvement of grammar knowledge as well as development of effective communication skills and listening and reading comprehension. This language course is perfect for anyone who wants to brush up or enhance their language knowledge and would like to have spare time to explore the country.

Business Language Course

In our course centre in Malta you will learn relevant vocabulary and focus on professional day-to-day topics, for example, presentations, meetings, negotiations, conferences, correspondence etc. These courses take place in small groups.

Individual Lessons / Private Lessons

In most of our course centres, you will have the chance to book private lessons for one or two people. Your teacher will customise the lessons to your needs. These are ideal if you would like to focus on a specific topic or improve on individual weaknesses. The schedule is usually agreed at the course destination.

Language courses for young children and teens

General English Course
15 x 45 minutes (11.25 hours) / week

15 lessons. You will enhance your vocabulary as well as improve your grammar knowledge. Our teachers will focus on listening and reading comprehension as well as grammar and train those three areas with exercises related to your host country and your everyday life. The aim of this course is to develop your communication skills and reduce inhibitions during conversations.

Intensive Language Course
20 x 45 minutes (15 hours) / week

20 lessons. This course provides the chance to fully engage with the language. In most course centres you will take part in the general course followed by an additional lesson per day. During the additional lesson you will work on a project and improve your writing skills. In other course centres, you will focus on listening and reading comprehension, communication and grammar during the additional lesson.

Super-Intensive Language Course
25 x 45 minutes (18.75 hours) / week

In our course centre Bournemouth you will follow the intensive language course and take part in 2.5 lessons on two afternoons per week. During the afternoon lessons, you will work with country-specific material and create a presentation for the end of the week.

Holiday Language Course

As an add-on to the language course in Malta there is a special activity programme offered to the students.

General English Course for Young Learners
15 x 45 minutes (11,25 hours) / week

In Bournemouth children aged 10-12 receive a general language course with 3x45 minute lessons per day. Additionally the teacher runs a fourth lesson per day, which focuses on activities and provides the opportunity to use the language outside the usual classroom setting in a playful, more practical way.


For (very) young learners that are too young for a regular language course, we offer a playful access to the language – in Malta from the age of 2, in Teignmouth from the age of 5. Parents - you can enjoy your language course unworried, knowing that your children are taken care of by specially trained staff. Whilst playing, singing, drawing and doing handicrafts your child will explore a new language along the way.

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