Family Language

Why go on a family language holiday with IP?

29 years of passion for language travel

We have been organising language holidays for children, teens and families since 1986. Over the years we have developed programmes tailored for different needs and our goal is to give you the perfect family holiday.

We speak your language

With IP, you and your children have the chance to learn English. We can cater for your language level and your learning progresses quickly with our experienced teachers.

Learn more than a language

Our clients come from all over the world, so you can look forward to meeting many different people from various countries and cultures. Teachers will provide an insight into both the language and culture of the host country, and children and teenagers especially gain a lot from language holidays: spending time with students from all over the world; maybe even living together with them – without their parents – and trying new things during the activity programme. All of this fosters confidence, courage and curiosity.

Commitment to supervision and a programme for children

The secret of a successful family holiday is simple: happy children equals happy parents! We want children to feel comfortable and well looked-after, whether they are staying at our playschool for the youngest ones or participating in the activity programme for teenagers. Well trained supervisors providing reliable supervision is just as important to us as a pleasant and supportive environment. We are happy to organise afternoon and evening childcare so that you, the parents, can be free to focus on your language course or simply go out and relax.

Our own language schools

IP does not only organise language holidays, but we also run our own language schools in Bournemouth and Teignmouth. Therefore, we have extensive experience when it comes to qualified language learning and adventurous language holidays; and we have the necessary knowledge and experience to continually improve and develop our concept.  Furthermore, we benefit from direct contact with representatives and teachers in our schools, which means that we can usually respond to your wishes straight away.

Accommodation for everyone’s tastes

How would you like to live during your holiday? In a cosy bed & breakfast? Or in a spacious, self-catering family apartment? Or even separate – parents staying in a hotel and children staying together with their peers in a historic boarding school? IP offers many different options for accommodation and catering, to match your taste and budget.

Just as flexible as you are

In order to make your holiday the best of times, we can help in many ways. You can book many different services in advance and even if you are already enjoying your holiday, you can still book services when you need them. Feel free to ask, and we will take care of it.

Customer satisfaction: 98%

We are working continuously to satisfy the remaining 2%! 
Our quality management is extensive, using regular surveys, internal quality assurance officers and external, independent committees. We will only be satisfied if you are - 100%

Quality Certification
Association of German Language Tour Operators
Association of German Language Tour Operators

We are a member of the association of German Language Tour Operators ( We support the aims of the association to organise high quality educational holidays.  All members are frequently checked by an independent body made up of scientists.

DIN certified
DIN certified

In order to compare the quality of language holidays in Europe, the FDSV and similar associations from other European countries have established the European language holiday Norm EN 14804. This Norm has been in operation since 2005 in 28 countries. The EU Norm defines standards for language schools and language tour operators and makes them comparable internationally. Not only does it define standards for the lessons, accommodation, meals, activity programme and supervision, but also the travel documents and the travel advertisements.
We have fulfilled the standards of the EU Norm for many years in our own IP centres. In 2007, 2010 and most recently in 2015 we were inspected by the DIN Institute and officially certified (

Accredited by the British Council
Accredited by the British Council

Our partner school in the UK, Europa School of English, is accredited by the British Council for the teaching of English in the UK.  Accreditation UK is a quality assurance scheme for schools, colleges, and universities which offer courses in English as a Foreign Language (EFL). The scheme gives an assurance of quality to international students who are taking or are planning to take an English language course in the UK.

The British Council inspected and accredited Europa School of English Junior Centres in August 2016. The Accreditation Scheme assesses the standards of management, resources and premises, teaching, welfare, and care of under 18s and accredits organisations which meet the overall standard in each area inspected (see for details). This large private language teaching organisation offers courses in general English for under 18s. Strengths were noted in the areas of quality assurance, care of students, and care of under 18s. The inspection report stated that the organisation met the standards of the Scheme.

English UK


Our partner school in Great Britain is also a member of English UK. English UK is an association of well-known English language schools which, together with the British Council, controls and improves the quality of English language courses in Great Britain. 
The association has an independent complaints procedure, in case a student has problems with one of the certified centres.


Our language school on Malta is awarded with the trademark FELTOM.  FELTOM (Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations - Malta) is an association of the main language schools on Malta and Gozo. Members of this federation have to keep high standards with regards to facilities and academic levels. They are inspected on a regular basis. FELTOM is officially recognised by the Ministries for Culture and Tourism.

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