Anastasia’s insidertipps from Winchester

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Here the Variety of nationalities is really impressive. I even met one Bulgarian and one Swiss girl. Last year in Bournemouth most of the students were from Germany. What about use of English? Although during the first days students preferred to stay with citizens of their own countries, later it was pretty easy to find teens with a desire to practice English. What i liked even more, is that most of the students are pretty friendly and tolerant, interested in your country, culture and ready to tell about their own place of living. Last but not least, most of them were shiny, smiley and positive. (Especially Isabel, my little sis)


university of winchesterAccommodation & Food
Although almost everybody was complaining about the food all the time, I quite liked it. In comparison with Bournemouth’s cafeteria I is just perfect. What I liked most of all was the opportunity to have ice cream almost every day. I enjoyed a lot staying in Burma with personal shower in almost brand new accommodation.

Such friendly, positive, ready-to-help and responsible people they are. What I really liked is that they don’t consider themselves to be ‘higher’ than students, the are not bossy at all so you can easily become good friends with them. In the same time, they are experienced enough to cope with all the paper work, and to take care of such a big amount of students and crazy enough to have fun and to make you have fun. I just love you guys, thank you for your work.

Students at the Piano 3Activities
We had quite a wide variety of activities to choose from. What I really liked is that every afternoon they suggest you kind of ‘girlish’ activity and a sportive one. During my 3 weeks’ stay I didn’t notice a lot of repetitions (only sportive programme was the same every week but this can easily be explained by popularity of some sports. Actually it is even can advantage). Most of activities really involved you into the process even if you didn’t really want to go. Example- the Karaoke night.

I was likely to get Victoria as my lead teacher. With her you don’t even notice how 90 minutes past, even if you suppose the theme of the lesson is to be boring. Other really good teacher was Poddy. About the rest of the teachers, most of them were really disappointing. Dominique was boring, and could not control the behaviour of students. Daniel was creepy and Denise made us make dolls’ dresses during our intensive courses. Also the themes of 3rd lessons are the same every second week, which really confuse those who stay here for more than 2 weeks.