Conocer gente de diferentes países en Exeter, Inglaterra

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I really liked my time here. I met a lot of people and visited many places.

Last Saturday we went to Bath and I really enjoyed staying there and visiting Jane Austin’s house. Last Sunday we went to St Ives and we visited the Museum of Modern Art and had lots of fun in a room full of white balloons.

During the week I attended the lessons which were interesting and funny. In the afternoon I went to Exeter, did sports and went to other places like Plymouth.

The thing I liked most, besides the trips, was the company of my new friends. We spent nearly all of our time together and we learnt to know each other. I loved meeting people from different countries and sharing with them my interests and my thoughts. I am having so much fun that I am very afraid to leave of Saturday; I’d rather stay here for another week or even more.

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