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Anastasia’s insidertipps from Winchester

Here the Variety of nationalities is really impressive. I even met one Bulgarian and one Swiss girl. Last year in Bournemouth most of the students were from Germany. What about use of English? Although during the first days students preferred to stay with citizens of their own countries, later it was pretty easy to find teens with a desire to practice English. What i liked even more, is that most of the students are pretty friendly and tolerant, interested in your country, culture and ready to tell about their own place of living. Last but not least, most of them were shiny, smiley and positive. (Especially Isabel, my little sis)

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Pleasant surprise in Teignmouth!

Desfile de gente haciendo musica y vestidos de faldas escocesasAt first I didn’t want to take part in this program because I didn’t want to go to school in my holidays. Nevertheless it was a pleasant surprise. The first thing was that I had a great start with my host family. Furthermore the lessons were well organized. We played some games to remember all the rules of grammar. The lessons were very interesting and varied.
Every day we had the possibility to take part in the activities. During these activities I met a lot of nice people.

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Learn more than a language in Bournemouth

bournemouth-students-08A testimonial about the experiences in Bournemouth this summer. After her first travel to Winchester with IP last year, she decided to go to Bournemouth to discover  Englands most popular student town. Read about her stay and how she expercienced the time with students from all over the world :-)

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Our IP Reporter Laura in Exmouth

I’m just 5 days here and I love it.
The first day was Saturday it was very cool because when we arrived we first went at our host family’s house and could chill out for some hours. After it we went the first time to school to meet for the town walk. Sunday was for the host family and you to get to know each other. Then some girls and I met and went Sunday shopping. A new experience. And at 2 pm. we all meet to play at the beach in the sun we missed at the day before. After it we were picked up by our host families and ate dinner. Sigue leyendo


Kseniia’s summer in Winchester

To begin with, I would like to say that I had perfect time in Winchester Summer Camp.Beautiful and majestic - Winchester Cathedral
If I would talk about staff, I would say that they were great. Everybody (Winnie, Helge, Laura, Hanna, Ivan, Javier, Lena, and Paula) were very polite and peaceful. The thing which I liked the most was that everybody were helping us.
Talking about parties, I can say only one thing.
During My trip to London I knew lots of different new things about capital of England.
Trips to Portmouth and to Bournemouth were good for people who like shopping (like me).
Food for breakfast was usually the same, so I was tired of eating sandwiches every morning. Food for lunch and dinner were normal.
Classes were big enough, my classmates were very friendly. Teachers speak perfectly in English, even that somebody of them weren’t from England.
Staff crazy posing

But the thing which I didn’t really like was the German people every class were talking to each other in German. Even when teacher told them something they continued doing it.
But I really liked this two weeks, which I have spent here, and I am looking forward to come back here.


Report from our Easter trip to Bournemouth

So here it is. Easter Sunday,7.45pm. You reckon Bournemouth is sleeping, going to church and relaxing with a nice Sunday roast? You´re slightly mistaking there I fear…
Bass booms up to the reception of Glendevon Hotel, hard laughs and loud shouts are swinging alongside: It´s IP Karaoke Night! Some 30 kids have gathered in the IP Ocean to enjoy yet another night of fun and excitement – but here is what happened so far…
Saturday afternoon, it´s nice and sunny outside in Stuttgart, the first kids are checking in and put their bags into the baggage compartments of our big and comfortable bus. The bus drivers throw in some jokes and we are heading of, ready to drive through the night. After a trip without any problems at all the two buses reached Bournemouth within five minutes. Now that´s what you would call good timing!
The kids living in host-families were mostly picked up by their families, the kids could check into the hotel. At least in an ideal world: Some of the rooms were still getting cleaned, but after a short while of the kids could move in. The day passed by in an instance with the town wanting to be explored during a walk across town. Again we had the best weather possibly imagineable for this time of year, lucky us! Some great knowledge in the fields of music, celebrities, films and common knowledge was revealed later on during a pub-quiz in the  Ocean and with that we closed day number one. I assume everyone was sleeping like a baby that day after the bus-ride and the moving in. Sigue leyendo


Holidays in Biarritz

Nous avons bien commencé cette semaine avec une soirée Casino. Nous avons parié sur des jeux comme Poker, Roulette, et Bingo avec les P’euros (paille Euros) qui pouvaient être échanger à la fin pour les bonbons.
Cette semaine nous nous sommes rendu compte que Biarritz est une ville touristique. Les rues qui étaient presque vide il y a deux semaines sont maintenant pleines du monde. Une raison pour ce monde de fou était la compétition mondiale du surf féminin. La rue sur la côte des Basques était couverte de chapiteaux de Roxy et cours d’initiation de surf. Le temps n’était pas très bon pour faire une compétition du surf et il fallait attendre le troisième jour de la compétition pour vraiment commencer. A la fin de la compétition il y avait un grand concert sur la plage et nous sommes y allé malgré la pluie. Malheureusement, le groupe principal, The Shoes, ne jouait pas à cause de la pluie et le vent.
Pour finir cette semaine de commencements des festivals d’été, il y avait le 14 Juillet, le jour national de France. Quelques personnes ont visité la ville de Pau en excursion d’une journée pendant que d’autres ont regardé la cérémonie du 14 Juillet au centre ville de Biarritz. La soirée, il y avait beaucoup de gens au centre ville et il y avait plein d’animation dans les rues. La plupart entre nous ont assisté à un concert de musique des années 60 et la nuit finissait avec les feux d’artifices à la plage.
Finalement le soleil revient pour nous réchauffer un peu, et je crois que cette semaine nous aurons beaucoup de jeunes qui revient bronzés et contents de la plage.



Hello from Exeter!

An article written by our IP Reporter Maret

Now I’m already five days here in Exeter on the St. Luke’s Campus. I started my travel on Friday morning on the way to Bremen in Germany. From there on we drove approximately 24 hours till we arrived in Exeter. That was a very long bus ride and we were all happy as we could go into our room.
Even the weather was fine in the afternoon so that we went together in the city of Exeter and the IP supervisors told us a little bit of it. We saw the Exeter Cathedral, which is really great. I have to go there another time to see also the inside of it! And we went to the Quayside of the Exe, a really nice place with little shops and cafés.

Group in front of Exeter CathedralOn Sunday I went in the city together with some other students. Especially food shopping is really interesting here in England. Its amazing how we go trough those shops and stand before the shelves full of cookies and cupcakes and only say all “wooow!!”. We had a lot of fun although we knew each other only one day! After it we played tennis on the campus. All of us can’t really play it but we’re optimistic that we can at the end of the time in Exeter! In the evening there was an Olympic in the IP Ocean. We did many little games from quizzes to football or limbo. Sigue leyendo