Impresiones : Los estudiantes la escuela de idiomas de Bournemouth en Black and White

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When I arrived in Bournemouth on Saturday morning, I was really exhausted so I just went to bed after I got my room. The first point at the program was the welcome meeting. We got to know all information about the centre and the program. So I went to the town walk to get to know the town and to see the beautiful beach. After dinner (chicken and chips) I joined the Speeddating which was so much fun, because I got to know all the French guys.

On Sunday I went to the city with my friends and all the shops were open. So we did a lot of shopping and relaxed at the beach with all our bags. In the Evening we joined the program and played capture the flag at the beach to see the French again.  It was so much fun and then it started raining so we couldn’t do the marshmallow barbeque and went to our flat again.
The test on Monday wasn’t too bad. I got a really cool class with a nice teacher. I got to know the people in my class and with them I went to hang out at the beach on the afternoon.  In the evening they took pretty silly pictures at the black and white party. They even had black and white drinks and sweets prepared for us.

On the next day there was a trip to Salisbury. I was really impressed by the huge cathedral and all the little shops. I enjoyed walking around with my friends.
At TTT (Time To Talk) I bought my ticket for V-Club. It is a club in an old church and I would have never expected so many people there. It was so crowded and everyone danced with everyone.  Oh and I participated at the IP-Logo contest maybe you can even see my IP-Logo on Facebook.

On Thursday we decided to go shopping again. I really love Primark. And then we shared a huge pizza. After that we went to play minigolf and hang out in the lower gardens. We were glad that we made it on time for the night check.
On Friday would have been the London preparation but the trip was cancelled because of the riots. I was so sad because I really wanted to see the city. They told us that there would be trips to Bath and to Brighton. I signed the list to go to Brighton because it’s a bigger city. At night there was a great firework at the beach.  It was a beautiful ending of the week.

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