Kseniia’s summer in Winchester

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To begin with, I would like to say that I had perfect time in Winchester Summer Camp.Beautiful and majestic - Winchester Cathedral
If I would talk about staff, I would say that they were great. Everybody (Winnie, Helge, Laura, Hanna, Ivan, Javier, Lena, and Paula) were very polite and peaceful. The thing which I liked the most was that everybody were helping us.
Talking about parties, I can say only one thing.
During My trip to London I knew lots of different new things about capital of England.
Trips to Portmouth and to Bournemouth were good for people who like shopping (like me).
Food for breakfast was usually the same, so I was tired of eating sandwiches every morning. Food for lunch and dinner were normal.
Classes were big enough, my classmates were very friendly. Teachers speak perfectly in English, even that somebody of them weren’t from England.
Staff crazy posing

But the thing which I didn’t really like was the German people every class were talking to each other in German. Even when teacher told them something they continued doing it.
But I really liked this two weeks, which I have spent here, and I am looking forward to come back here.