Nuevo OCEAN lounge en la escuela de verano en Winchester, Inglaterra

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Last weekend we could change into our new office and ocean, it is fantastic! The Ocean is much nicer than the old one  and bigger!

In front of the new Ocean is a field, where our students could bathe in the sun, we bought some sun beds and likely the last week was very sunny! It was nearly hot and we had to cool our drinks.
We spend an evening outside with candles, the volleyball area is next to the “chill out outside area” and the workshop friendship bracelets was outside because of the nice sun furthermore we created our own postcard.
This week we have a lot of new students! They play soccer nearly every day and we had a sports tournament on Friday.
Because of the change of the ocean the students spend their break now in the garden of Medecroft, where they have lessons. This weekend we had two trips, one to London on Saturday and one to Brighton on Sunday.

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