Program after school

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An Article, written by our IP Reporter Nora in Bournemouth

Our afternoons are never boring. There are workshops, trips or games offered everyday. For example playing volleyball or football at the beach, create your own postcards, t-shirts and jewellery, learn how to play poker or learn the ip-dance. Me and my new friends take part in nearly everything and all of it was very funny. Furthermore you get to know different people from other countries very easily by playing games.  This is why I knew people from the netherlands, Switzerland and France right now.

But the highlights of our program are the trips of course. Last week there were half-day trips offered to go to Winchester and Jurassic coast. I was at the Jurassic coast and I really liked it. The weather was perfect, the sun was shining the whole time and it never rained. We took a lot of pictures of the beach and the BOGEN  and just chilled out while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Other students went to Winchester. They told me they had good weather as well and liked the town ,too, because of the small shops for buying souvenirs or clothes. The houses  are small and looked nice and old. They think that their decision to go to Winchester was better than my one to go to the Jurassic coast, but I think the same just the other way around.  So all in all everyone was very satisfied with his trip.

At the weekend go could go to London or Oxford.  I had been in London before and because I thought it would be very full because of the Olympic games I went to Oxford on Sunday. Oxford is famous for it’s university and for much films which were shooted here, like Harry Potter. Alex,Gen and Nathalie, three of our teamers, gave us some information about the city and showed us the most important places, but it was Sunday so much colleges or museums were closed.  

At first the mood wasn’t that good because it rains a lot and much students don’t wear the right clothes, but after perhaps one hour the sun came out and the mood became better  and happier. After being in the park and have a  lunch or went through the small shops, we drove to an other place nearly 20 minutes away. There were stores like Gucci, Armani, Timberland and Prada. Because everyone here is rich we bought a lot new clothes… No, the prices were out of our budget so we just watch or drink something warm at starbucks 😀

In London  have been so much people, because of the Olymics, the others told me. They saw things like the Big Ben, the London eye and the Buckingham palace. Although that was very cool and exiting, the students said that it was to less time for a city like London. Some of them booked the Trip “London-over night “ and slept there in a hostel or something like that. They enjoyed the whole evening in London and were very satisfied with their decision to be there overnight.

Yesterday there was a half-day trip again. The participans went to Salisbury. The weather wasn’t very well, but otherwise Salisbury is a nice, small town with little cafés and shops. Yesterday they visit two cathedrals and got some information about these.

Tomorrow one group will go to Stonehenge, an other one will go to Corfe castle. I look forward to go to Stonehenge J